Natalie Tong will not rule out the possibility of flash marriage deny boyfriend jealous of Kenneth M-roselip

Natalie Tong will not rule out the possibility of denying Kenneth Ma Natalie Tong flash marriage boyfriend jealous do not rule out the possibility of flash marriage. Sina entertainment news Beijing on October 7th news, according to Hongkong media reports, Natalie Tong, Fang Jianyi and Mai [micro-blog] Mingshi mother yesterday to attend the "Gold Award" reading. Recently, there is a flood of dissatisfaction with his girlfriend Tavia Yeung poetry in Yongcheng [micro-blog] wedding just together with Kenneth Ma, said yesterday that her boyfriend did not feel the same day on. As for her wedding plans? She admitted that she would not rule out that there are a lot of flash marriage, but refused to change, indicate Hong Yongcheng is married to her boyfriend, seems to still have some reservations. The day before the wedding bridesmaid Tavia Yeung Natalie Tong, accused the wedding only together with Kenneth Ma, her boyfriend Hong Yongcheng were put aside, to make each other jealous. Natalie Tong frankly knew nothing of the matter, don’t feel strange to her boyfriend, also praised the wedding banquet, very happy. Natalie Tong said that she and her boyfriend Hong Yongcheng Kenneth Ma well, just believe photos of view, suggested that she be the peacemaker for two people, she said: "there is also thought of a large class of people eating out, but no chance, because they do not need to do so, the right time." That she left that night wedding also accused cop, Natalie Tong explained that to do a day very tired. As there is no infected by Tavia Yeung to begin planning a wedding, Natalie Tong said: "the night has a lot of people ask themselves, for I know that you are nervous, and pushed me to grab the ball, I want to get married, but no plans." Natalie Tong said that in the future will not rule out the possibility of flash marriage will open, will depend on the other half of the idea. Asked whether Hong Hong has been regarded as the object of marriage in Yongcheng? She said: "too far away things, there are many changes in the world." (Miao Fei) statement: Sina exclusive manuscript, unauthorized reprint prohibited.相关的主题文章: