Net exposure around the female reporter Guo Degang insider refers to the female hype

Net exposure Guo Degang side female reporter insiders refer to the female hype Guo Degang and Sina Pictures Entertainment Guo Degang [micro-blog], Cao Yunjin [micro-blog] mentoring battle in the war of words intensified, both sides each have each one sticks to his argument back, but Cao Yunjin in the mouth of the "female reporter", Guo Degang did not respond to face, can not help but have doubts about the crowd. The day before the two parties suspected female reporter have exposure on a known artist Xing Shanhang broke the news that Guo Degang is the former boyfriend, but the description of time and Cao Yunjin referred to the long time does not match the heat by suspected hype themselves, informed sources have revealed that Xing Shan is not mentioned in the "Cao Yun Chrysostom a female reporter," the woman is likely to be speculation. Xing Shan that Guo Degang is her ex boyfriend time does not match the alleged speculation since the evening of 25, in the theme of "know a comedian’s boyfriend is a kind of experience, a netizen reply to maxed out in the network, she had to admit doing sth comedian small three and now, her boyfriend is also a comedian. The users know called Xing boss, write "introduction of opera, folk art, minor, mixed, and I was an actor, then, some netizens Bachu the netizen named Xing Shan, is of mixed Chinese and Russian people in Yunnan, in 2011 to enter the Communication University of China broadcasting professional learning, graduated in 2015, during the school as an actor once, in the TV series" biography "in medicine as the female consort supporting Boni princess. According to the news broke out, Xing Shan has worked in a news agency financial sector, which is in line with what Cao Yunjin said female reporter identity. In almost know the answer, Xing Shan ex boyfriend called "pig iron", the current boyfriend called "rules", for iron, her description words is "strong" and "carefully" and "extremely clever" and "emotional" and "love opera", "love in the Republic of China", all kinds of description seems to be point. Does Xing Shan have anything to do with Guo Degang? From the view of public image recording, two people had appeared together in Gansu TV broadcast in March 8th this year, the variety show "big culture", show as a guest of Xing Shan even on the spot to host Guo Degang as his apprentice, Xing Shan, also performed a few opera singing, but said the Peking opera has research Guo Degang listen: "you happy." In addition, there are friends broke up with Guo Degang Shan photo, but in the photo, Xing Shan is more like an ordinary fan, two people can not see any special relationship. According to people familiar with the comic circle revealed that Xing Shan is not a cloud in Cao said "Jinkou female reporter", Cao Yunjin broke the show, Guo Degang and a female reporter happened at the time was relatively long, but Xing Shan broke all in recent years, therefore, Xing Shanji can be in the heat of his own speculation. And Xing Shan’s current boyfriend is a comic actor Li Yinfei, Li Yinfei has also been in September 17th by micro-blog disclosed two people love. In 2006, Li Yinfei entered the Deyunshe, formerly Li Heyuan, is also a "Deyunshe" disciple, in 2008, he left Deyunshe for postgraduate. Therefore, when the burglary in Li Yinfei should be called).相关的主题文章: