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Net loan platform to save funds to promote the speed of less than expected – Chongqing window – People’s network lending platform third funds to promote the slow pace of deposit management. On the one hand, many small and medium platform is difficult to bear the high cost of bank custody services; on the other hand, P2P platform with high frequency, small trading characteristics, and the banking system will have a lot of docking when running. The "Interim Measures for business activity management information network lending agency" (hereinafter referred to as the "measures") called net loan platform to implement the "third party depository system of customer funds", which is regarded as the prevention of moral hazard, the net loan platform is an important measure to achieve the isolation of funds. In fact, the measure as early as last July, 10 ministries jointly issued on the promotion of the healthy development of the Internet financial guidance has been mentioned, the new approach again emphasized the intention? In the way, after the official launch of this more than a month, the net loan platform and what action? Isolation of customer funds depository was originally born in the securities industry, the purpose is to prevent the misappropriation of customer securities brokerage margin. In the P2P industry, bank deposit management refers to the bank is responsible for the access and settlement of investor funds, P2P platform only acts as an information intermediary. By the bank to manage funds, platform management transactions, so that the platform can not directly contact the customer funds, will avoid the risk of direct misappropriation of funds." Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Institute of Finance deputy director Yang Tao told the "Economic Daily" reporter said, "measures" requirements of the net loan platform choose banking financial institutions comply with the conditions as funds depository institutions, the most basic starting point is to achieve their own funds and lenders and borrowers of funds to lend "isolation management" with the borrower opening and use of the management and supervision of the "capital account" in accordance with the relevant provisions of the regulatory network lending data submitted and shall accept the supervision and management of information related to the 3 targets. At the same time, Chinese Bank (601988, shares) researcher at the International Institute of finance Zhao Xue said that the funds depository system implementation is helpful to information disclosure, the depository bank need to publicly disclose the net loan platform transaction size, loan balances, deposit balances, overdue rate, yield and other financial data, which will help investors for the comprehensive consideration of the project. It is worth noting that in the past on the market and some P2P platform "joint custody" mode, namely "Bank + third party payment by the third party payment company, net loan account of both parties involved in the third party payment platform open, the allocation of funds from the third party payment platform, depository bank just a big account, not timely access to information of the parties involved in the transaction. Experts said that the introduction of the measures also means that in the past the joint management mode will no longer be recognized. Joint depository is not optimistic, mainly because regulators believe that the internal and external risk control capabilities of many Third Party Payment institutions are equally limited, it is difficult to effectively avoid risks." Yang Tao said. A slow advance speed found in the reporter on a number of net loan platform in the interview, most of the net loan platform at present are actively communicate with the bank, I can find the cooperative bank to implement the third party custody of customer funds, but)相关的主题文章: