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Network variety into 3 large era? Ma Dong: mature values, the road is quite long – the original title: network variety into the 3 era? "Wonderful" Ma Dong said: "the road is long maturity values in new Shanghai on 22 September, (Wang Ji) from the two or three program files network variety in 2014, until now the video platform launch at least ten levels above, the network has gradually become the domestic variety widely recognized the mainstream variety form, genre has become more and more diversified. Institutional analysis and forecast, in 2015 the market size of the network of about one billion yuan, the market size in 2020 is expected to more than five billion and seven hundred million yuan. Network variety experienced a rough, rough 1 times, experienced the outbreak of the fine arts of the times, and now has come to the high input, high quality of the era of the 3." During the eighth session of the China network audio-visual industry forum being held in Shanghai, Iqiyi senior vice president Chen Wei predicted a phenomenal variety show in the pure network was born, "perhaps in 2017, the phenomenon of" super network ensemble "will appear." The first half of 2016, many industry insiders as a phenomenon of the explosion of the "wonderful" third season "party, once again triggered a heated debate in china. The file program since 2014 on the line, the total amount of break billion, micro-blog topic reading amount of one billion, and took a burst of network integration of the talk show popular wind. "Wonderful" host, mewe media founder and CEO Ma Dong was admitted here, his more than and 20 years of television, "jump" to do comprehensive network network, the largest "toss" is the heart can have three points into the program to see the opportunity, computer mode, watching the show, I will point three or four time is the opening point, middle point, third points if not see I want to see you give up. This is the network and television show for the most diverse thinking." "" wonderful ", we think it should be to solve all problems when eating rice, so what can happen in this scene, this path may lead us to the network in the next upgrade and more mature," Ma Dong said, "from the content of the information content, the values of these mature the angle is not can be said to have entered the era of blockbusters in the network, there may be a long way to go, and even quite a long way." Network of people on the value of attention in this year, China’s online audio-visual industry forum has a clear manifestation. Iqiyi evolution studio head Wang Xianfeng scene revealed that two years ago, his team "stare" when I go "had a position in a small range of 15 to 24 years old of the investigation," what kind of programs will let users see in many video? In the first place is the idea; the next fifth is no matter what you want to tell me, please entertainment expression. This is my deepest memory of the two." Whether it is a TV product or network products, the last spell are values. Values are the views and attitudes of a person or a program to the people and the society. Including the "wonderful work", it allows everyone to speak, respect for others, is its values相关的主题文章: