New Trend You Must Know For 2010 Wedding Dresses-yvette yates

Fashion-Style 2010 bridal fashion week has just come to an end. Hundreds of trendy wedding dresses were on exhibition. The wedding dresses on the catwalk leaks out the new trend for wedding dresses in 2010. If you are planning to walk down the aisle with your lover in the upcoming new year, you must be aware of the new fashionable elements in wedding dresses and try to make the best use of these when designing or choosing your own wedding dress. 1 Color The leading pure color schemed wedding dress has become a past. Wedding dresses shown on the catwalk with flowers printed ranging from tiny to large bring a lighthearted sense of spring. The petals printed are as pale as pearls. It strikes people with a stronger sense of elegance. Apart from this change in terms of color, the wedding dresses on the cat walk occupy a wider color range than the traditional wedding dresses which are mainly pure white, ivory white and champagne. Lavender, pink, blue and even green wedding dresses are worn by the sparkling models. These colored wedding dresses will become the new favorite in the upcoming spring. 2 Embellishment More decorations are used in this years new trend. Shimmering metallic decorations are used a lot by the designers skillfully to lighten up the style and add more vibrant and casual elements to the formal wedding dress. Some adventurous designers even present a wedding dress that is beaded from top to the bottom. Feathers are even used as decoration. Many wedding dresses on the bridal fashion week are embellished with feathers. Some only have a few and some are covered. 3 Styles The whole show seemed to be a competition between the strapless wedding dresses and the one shoulder wedding dresses. Asymmetrical design styles are catching more attention. This design inspiration is bound to be followed by the other tailors. Ruffled tires wedding dresses are shown a lot times. This kind of wedding dress helps to highlight the figure of the bride through the tires and at the same time make the wedding dress less formal and appears to be more romantic. This wedding dress flatters the brides who want to set a fairy tale tone for the whole wedding ceremony. Another change in style is the mini dress. Thigh length wedding dresses will become the trend for those who plan to hold their wedding in the coming summer. The thigh long wedding dress can accent the beautiful legs of the brides. I think people whose legs are plump should avoid this. This style with a hint of casual spirit will be tried by some brave brides who dare to challenge the tradition and show her unique individuality. 4 Material In the past people only use lace at the upper part, in this 2010 spring runway , the overall lace wedding dress showed its face on the catwalk. Elegant and stunning as it is, only the one that has the bony curves can wear it and show the beauty. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: