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New York is making money, is to Silicon Valley, and Shenzhen? Sohu technology risk investment in U.S. Paul Graham early in the marketplace "ambition" wrote, New York is making money, the Silicon Valley is brooding. What about Shenzhen? In the eyes of economists already beyond Hongkong, and will surpass Silicon Valley in 10 years of the city, because of its character and character is affixed to the world’s hardware capital of the label. Here are the world’s hottest UAV manufacturer Xinjiang, won the Tencent investment zero of the UAV, and plays an important role in the field of communications company HUAWEI, the world’s largest electronic equipment maker Foxconn OEM, Apple Corp R & D center will also be built here. There are a lot of theories to explain why Shenzhen is today. The new acoustic technology industry forum recently in Ping An Bank and forright capital jointly organized, forright capital founding partner Li Feng gives his own interpretation: in any case China must undergo a "industrial upgrading" and "technological innovation". Under this trend, compared with Beijing, Shanghai, industrial cluster and the industrial workers accumulate enough, and the industrial chain, and export port channel resources in Shenzhen have the advantage of There is nothing comparable to this. In Li Feng seems, in addition to the beneficiaries of the wisdom of the city of Shenzhen, as well as the rise of the voice industry. Man from the PC era to the era of intelligence. First there is one of the intelligent mobile phone, a man called Jobs’s greatest contribution is to use intelligent mobile phone to reduce the difficulty, the expansion of the scope, so that everyone will become a smart mobile phone, everyone is willing to use the tools of production. After this, smart speakers, smart home, smart things, have appeared. If the technology innovation of the whole chip – PC – the Internet has created a series of waves, such as Google, Facebook and Yahoo etc. the success of the enterprise; then this "big name" have a common characteristic, that is their business models around the keyboard as the input system and the text information generated. Intelligent era, what kind of business is likely to become the giants after these enterprises? Or, if these giants want to conform to the trend, the most likely to move in which direction? The answer may surprise you. The speech is eroding the search share. This passage here is coming to an abrupt end, because we are from the industry to the region. We discussed what industry in the era of intelligent may rise and become important, so, the era of intelligent will choose which city? Paul · Graham said in his famous "ambition" marketplace at the beginning: "great city attract ambitious people. Wandering in the city, you can feel. The city is sending you messages in hundreds of ways: you can do more; you should try harder." 2016 Fudan chief economist forum, property economist Zhang Wuchang said: Shenzhen now has more than 10 years, Hongkong will surpass the United States Silicon Valley. October 11, 2016, China Guangdong provincial deputy book points相关的主题文章: