Ningbo intends to introduce the national standards of regional standards for Teacher Education viper12a

Ningbo intends to introduce the national standard of informatization of teacher education area the day before yesterday, the Ministry of education planning project "" Internet plus "era of informatization of teacher education regional promotion strategy research" spot in Zhenhai Art Experimental Primary School held to investigate the ongoing problems of informatization of teacher education changes in turn the world upside down. It is reported that Ningbo is the country’s first regional standards for the design of teacher education information city, and proposed the introduction of national standards for regional standards of teacher education. Informatization of teacher education many teachers have the fear psychology into the current campus, you will find such smart classroom, classroom grid and other high-tech products more and more, but some teachers are not willing to use, some will not use. "Internet plus" era, imminent modern teacher education informationization. Why is there such a phenomenon? What are the problems of teacher education? The Ningbo Institute of education in charge of "Internet plus" era of informatization of teacher education regional promotion strategy research "the subject. This research group in many schools in our city, found that the current construction of informatization of teacher education is still in the initial stage, some schools and teachers lack enthusiasm and initiative, these schools have led to believe it is "money, time-consuming, blind mischief, delayed teaching. But in the teachers, widespread fear, afraid of trouble, to study the effect of training is skeptical, see the psychological. Moreover, the teachers engaged in heavy teaching, but also to participate in learning, is indeed more difficult. At the same time, a lot of training units in the implementation process, often "across the board", the different cultural degree, different age, different professions, different teachers in a class, learn the same content, affected the enthusiasm of the teachers. Moreover, the curriculum is lack of scientific proof, and it does not take into account the content that teachers are eager to improve. The first more than and 20 schools in Zhenhai Zhenhai District where relevant attempt front is art experimental primary school mathematics teacher, he has been in the classroom feel from the wisdom of traditional teaching can not match advantage. He cited an example: "in the past, conventional teaching in the classroom, when the teacher asked the students to make some teaching activities, in order to understand the situation of student activities, students can only go to one side to observe, not only requires a lot of time, but also difficult to achieve a comprehensive understanding, and even affect their operation. The use of digital teaching platform, greatly improve the efficiency of learning, save the classroom time, and strengthen the interaction between teachers and students, students." Originally, the city to the town as a pilot area, from the beginning of 2010 in the province to carry out a digital learning experiment project, was the first practice in teacher education informationization, there are more than and 20 schools, more than and 60 experimental classes to carry out research and study of digital teaching. "Our school began to practice" one-to-one "teaching from 2011, five years, I started with a skeptical attitude to try, and later through the efforts of the practice, gradually feel it brings our teaching idea and way, then to now the new model of wisdom classroom under the guidance of full digital confidence, each stage has a相关的主题文章: