Ningbo network about the new deal from the implementation of the car from the age of 4 years into a melia kreiling

Ningbo network about managing the implementation of the new car vehicle age from 4 years to 2 years and in the network about the car competition, taxi need good service to win the market network reporter Zhang Peijian photo of concern about the new car today officially implemented. About the network about the driver and the vehicle platform, the new deal is undoubtedly a curse, but it is a safety valve for passengers, after the car can be at ease. During the consultation, the transport sector received 2527 valid comments. Compared with the draft, the network about the car within two years of age. Due to the implementation of market regulation, the relevant departments to remind investors not to blindly invest about the car market. Reporter correspondent Yu Mingxia     New Year party   reporter   Xue Caosheng; the implementation of new vehicle age requirements within two years before February 28th next year is the transition period of yesterday, the Ningbo municipal government held a press conference, officially released the "Ningbo online booking taxi business service management implementation rules (Trial)" (hereinafter referred to as the "implementation rules"). Implementation rules clear, the first date of registration of the vehicle license to the date of application is less than 2 years, after which the draft provisions of this year is a period of 4 years. At the same time, the "implementation rules" emphasized the information service platform together to carry out private minibus carpool travel, new carpool information service platform should be carpool service vehicles and drivers, orders and other related data access government supervision platform". The rules of the implementation of the provisions of the driver through the examination to obtain a certificate of qualification, the need for training by the driver in combination with their own situation and the willingness of the relevant platform independent determination. Net about car rules for managing the formal implementation, but clearly before February 28, 2017 is the transition period. Encourage the network about the vehicle platform for the vehicle owners and drivers to provide services, unified management of vehicles, personnel license, the admissibility of the location of the passenger service taxi service center.   network about the car market has the risk to remind you not to blindly invest in Ningbo now drops taxi, excellent step and other 6 network about the car platform. In the past, the network about car platform company is both athletes and referees. About network vehicles, driver access, complaints and other companies are determined by the platform itself. In order to protect the legitimate rights and interests of passengers, the urgent need to develop a network of about third vehicles by the rules of the game, and the credibility of the government as the representative of the most appropriate. Government departments will regularly publish the service quality assessment, passenger complaints handling. Later, the platform company and the driver of illegal and dishonest behavior, complaints, passenger service evaluation and other information records as an important basis for market access exit. After the network about the car market, a lot of private capital "ready to". At a news conference, the Ningbo municipal public transport passenger administration official responsible for the use of the stock market in favor of a serious reminder, the network about the car market risk, investment need to be cautious. He said that the implementation of the Ningbo market about the car market, although the government does not control the size and price of the network about the car, but the current urban public transport system in Ningbo has been initially formed"相关的主题文章: