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North Canton deep in the past 5 years: the property market policy with the increase in the number of divorce, the purchase of the new deal rumors triggered a wave of divorce in Shanghai in twenty-first Century, Wang Fan, the economic report reported that the divorce of Shenzhen to buy a house? Guangzhou Shenzhen divorce compared to nearly two, a " 2015 Shenzhen (real estate) divorce buyers accounted for 45%" the news spread. Twenty-first Century economic news reporter asked the senior intermediaries in Shenzhen informed that the purchase of the first place through the divorce and the first suite down payment does exist, but I’m afraid there is no such a high proportion. In fact, this full sample data is difficult to accurately know. Data available from the point of view, in 2015, Shenzhen’s new houses and second-hand housing turnover of about 193 thousand units, if the proportion of divorced buyers accounted for 45%, to reach about 87 thousand units, in Shenzhen in 2015 recorded a divorce of a record of 22664. It is not difficult to see that there are certain differences between the two data. But recently, Shanghai (real estate), Guangzhou (real estate), " divorce emergency room " grand indeed maxed circle of friends. Twenty-first Century economic report combing the north since the start of the purchase of the year in 2010, Guangzhou and Shenzhen over the years of divorce data, combined with the prevailing property market policy, housing prices and turnover situation, trying to find the association from the trend. 2010-2015 Guangzhou Shenzhen divorce data unit: the data source: the City Civil Affairs Bureau, the Bureau of statistics data can be seen from the table, 5 years, Beijing (real estate), the number of divorces in Shenzhen are more than doubled. The most special year in 2013, the number of divorces in the four cities at the same time there has been a substantial increase, or 43%, respectively, 38%, 20% and 34%. A related background is that in March 2013, the property market new " five " the introduction of rules, the provisions of " the sale of housing owned by the transfer of income tax, 20% " and the divorce has become an effective " " tax avoidance approach (with the sale of real estate in a single family housing sale). Finance minister Lou Jiwei has publicly responded, divorce real estate tax avoidance, is a policy flaw. From the market situation of the year, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen four city housing prices top turns occupying " ". " " index after the divorce to remarry; nature is also of concern. According to the Guangzhou local media reports, the 2013 Guangzhou civil affairs departments for the marriage quantity is 4015, compared to 2012 increased by 1699 in the past 5 years, is the most a year. 2014, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, the number of divorces have declined, Beijing is only a slight increase. But in 2015, a sharp rise in the signs of renewed data, especially in Shenzhen, Beijing is more prominent, rose respectively 45% and 30%. This year, Shenzhen entered into after the purchase prices rose fastest cycle, annual new and second-hand housing transaction sets were also rose 59% and 122%; Beijing in 2015 the same volume and price go up situation, including new and second-hand housing transaction sets respectively.相关的主题文章: