North Korea in 2020 last year, the actual deployment of the potential range of missile coverage

North Korea’s late 2020 the actual deployment of missile range to cover the day according to Japan’s Kyodo News Agency on August 25th, the United States John · North Korea analysis website "Hopki University 38 North" in 24, pointed out that the ballistic missile shot from the launch submarine (SLBM) flew about 500 km the missile development has entered an important stage". The site published an expert opinion that, if sustained development at this rate, the latest to 2020 to complete the coverage of the actual deployment of japan. North Korea has also pointed out that the actual deployment of medium range ballistic missiles "nodong range covers almost the entire territory of Japan" (1300 km range), but if the SLBM has the flexibility to deploy to the U.S. missile defense (MD) will be the subject of considerable. 38 North also announced a local time at the port of Sinpo, North Korea, the commercial satellite photos taken at the port of, said the shooting may be the last stage of the SLBM launch into the submarine. According to the analysis, parked near the submarine photographed a large crane, but there is no missile, may have been shipped into the submarine. Experts pointed out that North Korea in the test shows that the SLBM range covers almost all of South korea". North Korea for the realization of the actual deployment need to be solved in the development of submarines and other large technical issues, but North Korea said the late 2020 will overcome the problem.相关的主题文章: