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Not only derailed and revenge, "China relation" also teach you a man – "guanxi" entertainment Sohu China stills Sohu entertainment news (Zhuang Zixiuwen) before the "separation", after the "Chinese relationship" [opera], the story down to earth without routine, creative acting superb strength of blessing, realistic theme the TV show in this year is played a nice turnaround. Today, the small fox to pull breaking is directed by Shen Yan, Liu Haibo, Chen Jianbin, Ma?, starring Zhao Lixin, Hu He and so on, is the Sohu of video hit contemporary emotional drama "Chinese relation". The play tells the story of 45 year old Ma Guoliang is a deputy director of the national institutions, he had a happy family, the days of chic. The people around him, his wife at home mother looked after him, promotions and is on a point the day and await for it. But good but a set of long, he first broke, and then found his wife derailed his subordinates Shen Yun, let Meng forced him most was the director of their own with extreme ease, but also because of Shen Yun secretly to obstruct and become the Shen yun. Encounter multiple attack, he was forced to leave the system, starting from zero to work, trying to find myself. However, this drama let the small fox of interest, and not a middle-aged man after experiencing setbacks in life and how to counter attack into the life, but it China type deep analysis "". At present, there are three kinds of relations in the plot: family relationship, superior subordinate relationship, social communication relationship. The key words of family relations: the control of cold violence communication barriers, including family relations, the relationship between husband and wife, parent-child relationship, and the relationship between son-in-law and mother-in-law. The cold violence between husband and wife in the relationship between Ma Guoliang and the husband and wife of the husband and wife, exposed a number of problems that exist in China’s marriage in general. One is cold violence. Ma Guoliang is a typical big man who, in his opinion, I offer you food and clothing, I make money, responsibility to make. Ma Guoliang set the great man   but for the wife of Lili, marriage is not to eat and sleep, also need emotional communication.   his wife pay more attention to emotional communication in straight cancer thinking, it is unrealistic to think women want to take her to eat French cuisine, send flowers and chocolate, but ultimately, the woman’s appeal is emotional communication. The typical straight thinking cancer   marriage encounter cold violence, which is facing problems at present most of the family Chinese. In the family cold violence, the apathetic, contempt, the couple contradictions, indifferent to each other, the language of communication is reduced to a minimum, too lazy to do the housework and other acts. It can be said that from the beginning of the drama to Ma Guoliang and Lili divorce, his behavior will be the embodiment of cold violence. In the family, Ma Guoliang thinks he will pay them to his wife, wife tube eats, will also be home to live together with the mother, the family is the biggest pay, but he ignored the wife and can feed themselves and their families that, not to mention his wife to take care of the housework in one family this is, in contempt;相关的主题文章: