November first week, the Wuhan property market traded 6094 sets of non purchase of regional eye-catc freyja

The first week of November, the Wuhan property market turnover of 6094 sets of non restriction area showed the first week of November, housing prices are still eye-catching, actively push plate, in support of the relatively large number of projects into the market, the property market in Wuhan last week turnover of 6094 sets, beyond the level of the same period last year, housing prices by the center city project turnover rose small average price rose to 10682 yuan square meters. November first week (2 days -8 days), according to the statistics of the housing research center, Wuhan, the city’s new commercial housing turnover of 6094 units, the average transaction price of 10682 square meters. Volume increased by 2.5%, the average transaction price rose by 5.3%. Among them, the main city of 3866 sets of transactions, the average price of 13007 yuan square meters, volume increased by an average of 4.5%, the average price rose by 9.2%. Far from urban areas (Huangpi, Jiangxia, Xinzhou, Caidian, Hannan) 2228 sets of transactions, the price of 6789 square meters, volume decreased 0.8%, the average price fell 4.9%. Volume, last week, Dongxihu film to 783 sets to win. Huangpi turnover of 651 units, down to the second. Jiangxia, Caidian, respectively, 561 sets and the results of the 553 sets of the top three or four. Overall, the non restriction area is still eye-catching performance, 3011 sets of weekly turnover remained stable, but the number of the downtown hot plate, last week turnover of 3083 units, more than the non restriction area, Wuhan average price also rose slightly. Experts believe that from October after the new trend of prices, since prices in Wuhan has been in the vicinity of 10500 yuan square meters of price fluctuations, compared to before the new 10000-11000 yuan between square meters fluctuations, prices more stable, coupled with the recovery of the market supply of the new deal, show that the effect is very obvious, believe this will continue to the end of the year. From the site situation, next week push plate rhythm will slow down, the city is expected to have 4 projects into the market, and to purchase far city based, is expected in the area of non purchase volume will once again be more than the purchase area.相关的主题文章: