November Weiyang screen beautiful 2 love All flowers bloom together.

November: Weiyang "screen" beautiful "2 love" All flowers bloom together. Sina entertainment news said the golden nine silvers ten, through IP, the flow through the September play scrimmage, red drama blowout in October, we finally ushered in the TV market All flowers bloom together. November. In the aspects of subjects, there are ancient palace fighting drama "Jinxiu Weiyang", a romantic drama "love 2" shuttle millennium, a marriage topic "we love drama", also has the police drama "Jiangcheng police". In star connection, both popular love beans Tang Yan [micro-blog], Luo Jin [micro-blog], [micro-blog], Wei Daxun, Vanness Wu Janice Man, and also art movie coffee Zhang Jingchu [micro-blog], Lei Hao [micro-blog], Huang Jue [micro-blog], and the strength of Mesozoic it [micro-blog] and Jiang Wenli, the more the old play bone play Siqin Gaowa, Wang Jinsong [micro-blog]…… So we each one takes what he needs is a superb collection of beautiful things. "Beautiful" beautiful "Weiyang stills Weiyang" director: Li Huizhu [micro-blog]: Tingyu screenwriter Starring: Tang Yan, Luo Jin, Vanness Wu, Mao Xiaotong, Li Xinai [micro-blog] time: November 11th platform: Beijing TV, Dragon TV watch TV to linger in the multi field promotion, TV Festival, is also looking forward to the fans the "beautiful" Weiyang finally coming out. The film is adapted from the "toxic" ordinary female costume drama, tells the story of rebirth through subjugation Princess Xiangfu, domineering back story. Tang Yan, the star of subjugation princess, but into a blood feud with the enemy’s face, murderous four volts to survive; Luo Jin starred Huang Changsun Tuoba Jun, he is the future heir to the throne, although not indifferent mind eager for power are often attracted to kill evil; Vanness Wu then starred in a large anti subtly malicious wangyeh. People seem not very with feeling? Just as the Golden Eagle goddess Tang Yan to play silly play a sweet white subjugation princess, exciting. This is Luo Jin and Tang Yan after "gone with the wind", "X" and "female agents, carat lovers", and a cooperative, love rumors before, seems to have been able to feel the jumping sparks. The Tucao: ignorant girl grow into life female story main routine. "Love 2" shuttle Millennium POSTER "love 2" shuttle Millennium Park: screenwriter director: Jin Bingzhu Yingshu Starring: Wei Daxun, Janice Man, Guo Xuefu, Zhang Xiaochen [micro-blog], Wu Yi time: November 16th: Hunan satellite TV platform (Zhou Bo) aspect: "love" the first shuttle Millennium adapted from the classic drama "Ren tvN the queen was man". Although in the process of adaptation of the drama, costume some lines were quite ancient Korean fan children without localization, make good use of our culture more profound classical, but does not prevent the high yen value high sweet red a drama. This does not, the second season had. The second season in 2016 and 1936 two in Shanghai, the man looks the same in different times, the combined effect of the marriage of wine, the moonlight and the jade necklace, through alternating between the two’s.. Their love, their actions, and the secrets of their lives, in two worlds相关的主题文章: