October hundred city house prices rose 1.65% in Zhengzhou fell significantly nationally 4000dy

In October the city house prices rose 1.65% in Zhengzhou ring or down significantly the first national real estate investment growth is still maintained a high growth, but after the introduction of control measures, the national housing market turnover in October and began to pullback. Chinese real estate index system 100 city price index of 100 city new residential sample survey data, according to the October 2016 100 National City (New) residential average price of 12825 yuan per square meter, up 1.65%, down 1.18 percentage point increase from the previous month. From the price of the ring than the number of cities, 79 cities prices rose, compared with September, a decrease of 2, the price of the city fell in, compared with an increase of 3 in September. Calculated by the median, the country’s 100 cities (New) residential median price of $7306 square meters, an increase of 2.20%, an increase of more than 100%, most cities in the city housing prices more stable trend. In order to better promote the healthy development of the real estate market, the national day before and after the introduction of a number of hot city regulatory policies, and initially achieved the results, the price of supply and demand is becoming more rational. From the demand side, irrational speculative investment demand is suppressed, hot city housing turnover fell; from the supply side, developers policy under the influence of actively adjust the marketing strategy, the new project pricing than expected callback; from the price point of view, October 100 city overall price increase is slowing down, the city rose to reduce the number of hot spots and most the city housing prices have come down, the rate of decline was part of the city. Looking to the future, the regulatory effect of the policy will continue to force, both ends of the market supply and demand will steadily return to reason, at the end of the year is expected to further stabilize prices. Table 2:2016 October hot city new residential sample average price index of ten cities main city of 3:2016 in October of second-hand housing price index sample average news link much of the purchase of the property market to upgrade the Hangzhou Hangzhou government network announced that since November 10th, Hangzhou to further implement the measures of property purchase restrictions and raised provident fund loans Shoufu proportion. In the purchase of the policy, from before the date of the purchase of Hangzhou within 2 years of continuous pay for more than 1 years of personal income tax or social insurance that non permanent residents in Hangzhou to suspend the sale of new commercial housing and second-hand housing can not at the same time, non permanent residents in Hangzhou shall not pass to pay personal income tax or social insurance purchase housing. Housing provident fund loan policy, family workers to buy the first set of ordinary housing, or have 1 sets of housing and has settled the purchase loans, to improve the living conditions to apply for housing provident fund loans, the first payment of not less than 20% adjusted to not less than 30%; with 1 homes but did not settle the corresponding commercial property loans, apply again housing provident fund loans since the purchase of ordinary housing, the first payment of not less than 50% adjusted to not less than 60%; have 2 or more housing or outstanding housing provident fund loans, shall not apply for housing provident fund loans. Commercial housing loans, with 2 sets of housing and more households, suspended the issuance of more than third sets of housing loans. Shanghai 8 evening, the Shanghai Banking Regulatory Bureau issued "on the.相关的主题文章: