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Old age propaganda series of popular science: how do people eat soy food? A variety of Sohu health beans are generally divided into beans and other legumes. Soybeans are beans, green beans and black beans, the highest in soybean plant foods containing protein nutritional value, quality of high quality content in 35% ~ 40%, the utilization rate of high lysine rich cereal protein lacks, and is complementary to the ideal of natural food cereal protein. Soybean contains about 15% to 20% fat, but the majority of unsaturated fatty acids, easy digestion and absorption, soybeans are rich in minerals and vitamins. Soybean contains some beneficial ingredients, such as soybean saponin, soybean isoflavones, plant sterols, soybean oligosaccharides, soybean experiments confirmed that not only has anti-cancer, also can prevent osteoporosis, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, to prevent a variety of diseases, anti-aging effect. Other beans are peas, beans, red bean, mung bean, kidney bean, cowpea, soybean protein content was lower than that in 20%, to 25%; the amount of fat is very few, only 1% to 2%; the carbohydrate content is very high, about 55% ~ 60%. Residents of China’s traditional soybean products are made of soybean as raw material, usually divided into non fermented soybean products and two kinds of fermented bean products, non fermented soy products have Soybean Milk, tofu, tofu, Yuba, fermented bean products, pickled tofu, fermented black bean Stinky tofu etc.. During the processing of soybean products, the anti nutritional factors in soybean were removed by soaking, grinding, heating and so on. The protein content of tofu is about 8%, which made from tofu or other products protein content as high as 17% ~ 45%, soybean bean protein digestibility increased from 65% to 92% to 96%, greatly improving the nutritional value of soybeans, tofu is also a good source of calcium and vitamin B. Milk protein content is similar to milk, which contains a variety of essential amino acids, iron content is four times the milk, containing a variety of nutrients. It is worth noting that Soybean Milk drink is cooked, first with the fire to boil, and then switch to gentle boiling to maintain more than 5 minutes, can make the harmful ingredients completely decomposed, and drink Soybean Milk should not add brown sugar, should not use the thermos bottle storage Soybean Milk. Bean sprouts are generally made of soybean and Mung Bean Germination, in addition to containing the original nutrients, but also contains more vitamin C, vitamin C on behalf of fresh vegetables.相关的主题文章: