On the hot house how to escape from the death of pupils’ talons yuanmu

On the hot house: how to escape from the death of pupils’ talons? I don’t kill himself, but the cause of this incident because of me. Unlike other anime characters, I don’t think most people would like to approach Conan, a pupil of debuff, who comes with the law of cause and effect. However, if you and Conan went to live in the same hotel, you choose to accept, or to do what to escape the death of ENDING? Recently, the Japanese house to start a hot discussion: 1:2016 0907 (water) and Conan live in the same hotel after surviving, but please note that your name has been played out the subtitles. Penguin: so there is no soy sauce option? 2:2016 0907 (water) is simple and easy to say to Conan, "let’s stay together," and shut up in the room. You think it’s safe to stay with Conan? The law of cause and effect, before you say this word is poisoned 3:2016 0907 (water) reply to the 2 floor: ah. (dead) (Penguin mother: I can’t remember what it was, but it should be the 2 floor, even with Ke Nandai will die 5:2016 0907 (water) literally kill a person not good. 7:2016 0907 (water) reply to the 5 floor: do not do ah! Penguin mother: in order to protect life and kill in the end is right or not, it is better to consider this problem when the feeling has lost to Conan 9:2016 0907 (water) reply to the 5 floor: suddenly understand why the world so many killings…… 15:2016 0907 (water) back 5 floor, 9 floor: So that is what it is. completely understandable. 12:2016 0907 (water) to the body black, then how to peep the sight of the room? 14:2016 0907 (water) there is no way to ensure their survival, because this is a TM game of luck. 16:2016 0907 (water) broke the lives of those who live together with those who do not want to be known in the past, so as to improve the chances of survival. 17:2016 0907 (water) became an accomplice to remove the body. How do you find a prisoner earlier than others and cover the prisoner? The karate champion also harbored lovers, but not heavy charges. 19:2016 0907 (water) is the police career is invincible. In order to survive on the house is really nothing, this behavior is really disgusting, but also appreciated. You clever gangster what to survive? Let’s talk about the stupid penguin mother.相关的主题文章: