One hundred Chinese tour of Jeju Island was black house Consulate General response in Jeju – Guangdo-meyou

One hundred Chinese tour of Jeju Island was "black house"? Consulate General in Jeju – Guangdong channel response — original title: Consulate General in Jeju in response to more than 100 Chinese tour of Jeju Island was "dark room" incident in Seoul in October 8, (Xia Xue) "eleven" during the golden week hundreds of China tourists in Jeju Island, was refused entry "the dark room" incident. According to South Korea’s law, visitors holding mainland China passport can apply for visa free access to Jeju Island, Korea, stay for 30 days. A lot of travel ads also claim that as long as you take your passport and ticket, you can come to Jeju Island. So why is this happening? This reporter immediately contacted the Chinese Consulate General in Jeju to verify this. China Consulate General in Jeju consul said although Jeju Island repair industry, which belongs to the visa, but does not mean you can direct entry visa. Even if you have a visa, there is a possibility of being denied entry. The entry examination of foreigners is the inherent exercise of sovereignty in each country. Therefore, the ROK has its own criteria for the admission of immigrants, that is, mainly from the Entry Motivation considerations. Visitors will be refused entry if their travel credentials are not complete or they are suspected of immigration. And ye also said that this was refused entry to the situation since the diplomatic relations between the two countries have occurred. With the increase of Chinese ROK tourists to visit Jeju Island, nearly 90% foreign tourists are China tourists, so refused entry number will be relatively increased. In addition, there have been two crimes committed by Chinese tourists in Jeju Island, South Korea, so the exit and Entry Administration of Cheju Airport has strengthened the examination of entry personnel. According to South Korean media reports, in September 17th, a local woman by a man with a knife stabbing China of a church in Jeju in September 9th, 8 in prayer; China visitors beat a local restaurant hostess, caused the cerebral hemorrhage. Frequent incidents of malignant events triggered panic in the local. South Korean public opinion believes that the government should reflect on whether to continue allowing Chinese people to enter Jeju Island without visa. Even South Korean netizens launched a petition to abolish the Jeju visa free policy on the website, and the number of participants has exceeded 10000 within two days. In addition, some tourists at the airport for the "black house" held by " " five days of news, and industry said that most of the tourists are to follow the tour charter flights to Jeju Island. In accordance with the regulations, from which city, must return from the same city. So those who refused to enter the country can only wait until the end of the tour, and then take a return flight. Moreover, some airlines have stipulated that only three passengers can be repatriated on a single flight. In addition, the "eleven" golden week flight tension, leading to Chinese tourists stranded in the airport for too long. In order to avoid frequent incidents like this, the Chinese Consulate General in Jeju suggests that Chinese tourists enter Jeju Island to make full preparations and increase the success rate of customs clearance. In addition to showing legal valid passport, effective itinerary, you also need to prepare the hotel booking list as an auxiliary material in advance, so as not to prevent the ROK from entering the country on the grounds that the travel itinerary has not been implemented. )

百余中国人游济州岛被关“小黑屋”?驻济州总领事馆回应–广东频道–人民网 原标题:驻济州总领事馆回应百余中国人游济州岛被关“小黑屋”事件   人民网首尔10月8日电(夏雪)“十一”黄金周期间发生了上百名中国游客在济州岛入境遭拒、被关“小黑屋”事件。根据韩国法律规定,持中国大陆护照的游客可申请免签进入韩国济州岛、停留30天。很多旅游广告上也都声称,只要带上护照和机票,就能来一趟说走就走的济州岛之旅。那么为何会发生这一事件呢?本网记者立即联系了中国驻济州总领事馆对此进行核实。   中国驻济州总领事馆修明业领事表示,尽管济州岛属于免签地区,但免签并不等于可以直接入境。即使持有签证,也有被拒绝入境的可能性。外国人入境审查是每个国家固有的主权行使行为。因此对于准许何人入境,韩方有自己的判断标准,即主要从入境动机方面考量。如果游客旅行凭证不全,或被怀疑有移民倾向,都将被拒绝入境。   修明业还表示,这样被拒绝入境的情况自两国建交以来就时有发生。目前中国访韩游客大幅增加,来济州岛访问的外国游客中近90%都是中国游客,所以被拒绝入境的人数也会相对增多。此外,近日接连发生了两起中国游客在韩国济州岛制造的犯罪事件,所以济州机场出入境管理部门加强了对入境人员的审查力度。   据韩媒报道,9月17日,一名当地女子在济州某教堂祷告时被一名中国男子持刀捅死;9月9日,8名中国游客殴打一名当地餐厅女老板、致其脑出血。恶性事件的频发在当地引发恐慌情绪。有韩国舆论认为,政府应反思是否继续允许中国人免签进入济州岛。甚至有韩国网友在网站上发起了废除济州免签政策的请愿活动,两天内参与人数就已过万。   此外,对于部分游客在机场“小黑屋”被"关押"长达五天的新闻,修明业表示,大部分游客都是跟随旅行团包机前往济州岛的。按照规定,从哪个城市出发,必须从相同的城市返回。所以那些被拒绝入境的游客只能等旅行团的行程全部结束后,再一起搭乘返程航班。而且部分航空公司有规定,一次航班最多只能接受三名遣返旅客。再加上“十一”黄金周期间航班紧张,便导致了中国游客在机场滞留时间过长。   为了避免此类事件的频发,中国驻济州总领事馆建议中国游客入境济州岛做好充分的准备,增加通关成功率。除了出示合法的有效护照、有效的行程单外,还需提前准备好酒店预订单等作为辅助材料,以免韩方以没有落实旅游行程为由而阻止入境。 (责编:杨杰利、张海燕)相关的主题文章: