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An important part of the car’s comfort: shock absorber – Sohu car suspension usually consists of three components: connecting the wheels and the frame of the connecting rod, connecting rod and frame between the spring, shock absorber. The shock absorber is to reduce the oscillation, in addition to the stability of the body, it is important to ensure that the wheels and the ground have good contact. When the vehicle is impacted by the road surface, the spring can absorb the vibration force with the compression deformation of the spring, and can buffer the bumpy and the vibration caused by the uneven road surface. Then, when the impact force disappears, the spring will return to the original state of the release of the absorbed energy, stretching their own long, so that the car bomb, this phenomenon is known as rebound. Rebound will make the car passengers feel uncomfortable, and will cause the car control difficulties, prone to danger. Therefore, in the suspension (usually in the spring coil) device to prevent the rebound phenomenon of vibration. If there is a shock absorber in the suspension, the situation is like a wheelbarrow used by a vendor, and the body is constantly shaking. Because the spring has played its elastic function, there is no shock absorber to stabilize the body. The role of the spring is to buffer the impact of the ground, and the role of shock absorber is to limit the excessive spring elasticity, the role of two different. Hydraulic shock absorber is the most commonly used shock absorber. The principle is in a drill hole filled with pressure oil and a piston in the cylinder, when the spring vibration oil will be forced to flow through the holes, thus have a limiting effect. The size of the hole diameter, determine the limit (or vibration) the size of the role. If the hole diameter is small, there is a strong limit, the vehicle stability will be higher; on the contrary, the car ride feel more comfortable. The size of the hole diameter should be taken into account in the design of stability and comfort. Usually used in automotive shock absorber suspension in oil are common, but the shock absorber of electromagnetic suspension in oil is not common, but a kind of special liquid called electromagnetic liquid, which is composed of magnetic particles and synthetic hydrocarbons and 3-10 of micrometer size. When the control unit sends out a pulse signal, a voltage is generated in the coil, thereby forming a magnetic field and changing the arrangement of the particles. These particles will be arranged in the direction perpendicular to the pressure, hinder the flow of oil in the piston channel, so as to improve the damping coefficient, adjust the damping effect of the suspension, the effect is better. Buy a car car, answer attention WeChat public number: my car on a small series have been lined up, waiting for you!相关的主题文章: