Pacheco on the field results very sad very confident about the war, tokyo hot n0476

Pacheco: on the field results very sad very confident Tianjin North news of War: the night of September 17th, Yatai Tianjin TEDA team in the 0-2 defeat in Jiangsu Suning team, not get away. After the game, the team’s coach Pacheco attended the press conference. For the game, Pacheco said: "the results of today’s game, I was sad. For more than a month, I have been satisfied with all the players. Before their first goal, we were in control of the game, and we had all the advantages, and there was no special opportunity for Jiangsu. In the first half we played better than each other, and we had a lot of chances when we were behind. If you can grasp one, the outcome of the game will be different, but gave the opponent a goal." Pacheco continues to say: in fact, today’s game, the two sides created almost the same opportunity, we did not grasp, the other hand hold, so that the other side in the personal ability is relatively strong. Today, I am very satisfied with the performance of the players on the pitch, they are both technical and tactical, or discipline, are very good, but the result is this." When a reporter asked the TEDA team in recent matches against earlier, Pacheco said: "this is a long time is needed to solve the problems, we need to solve through training, the other is actually the game through the shot break, not a very good chance." Speaking before Pacheco made the surprise, he explained: "this game we require different tactics, especially to speed up from defensive to offensive speed, in the first half we created a lot of chances, today we send a few young players, I hope they are getting better and better than the later. We have three games this week, Diagne and Baiyue peak are three yellow cards, we also consider the three game players to arrange." The key to avoid relegation battle, and the next Team Yatai Pacheco said: "Yatai than we rest day, we did very well today, the players to maintain a good competitive state and the spirit. We will use the home court advantage to win the game, everyone knows it is a very important game. Today, the two teams is a title, one is to avoid relegation, but in the process, little difference between the two teams, there is no score that disparity." (front news reporter Xie Liqiang)相关的主题文章: