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Painting and Revolution: eight times from 1874 to 1886 of the Impressionist exhibition held in Paris, a total of eight Impressionist exhibition, is a group of artists to show the way, also constitute the most important exhibition history mode for the development of Impressionist Art played an important role in promoting. Impressionist painter Salon Exhibition against the system, they established the "nameless social association", the exhibition is designed to let the members of the association of works by increasing art collectors and caused the attention of critics. With the continuing development of the Impressionist exhibition, the Salon Exhibition system has long been replaced. The first exhibition of the Impressionist school of art and the salon’s monopoly on the exhibition caused some artists’ dissatisfaction. Often have parties on artists and exchange views on the Gaibuwa cafe, Paul Alexis was inspired by this critic, he published an article in the "national newspaper" the future, proposed to abolish the jury and the salon to establish an independent artists association. A few days later, Monet reacted to this. Monet also suggested the establishment of a group of artists — do not take orders from the official school organization, free depicting nature and daily life of the artist group, the group was founded in 1873 with the "unknown artist, painter, sculptor and printmaker association". But until January 17, 1874, "art Chronicles" was published on the association of the article: "a painter, sculptor, printmaker, consisting of a lithographic printing, cooperation and capital mobility Limited by Share Ltd was established in December 27th, a period of 10 years. The company’s aim is: 1. Organization of free exhibitions, neither the jury nor honorary award. Each member of the company can display their own works; 2. Sale of works; 3. Issue a newspaper about art only as soon as possible." From this article we can see that these artists are eager for the desire for innovation, which opens the door to the art of impressionism. In April 15, 1874, in Paris to attend the capucine street artists association of new No. 35 Nadal (Nadar) studio exhibition shocked the painting "unknown artist, painter, sculptor, printmaker Association" exhibition, this exhibition is the first Indian elephant group exhibition. This is actually a confrontation Salon Exhibition, a total of 30 people participating artists, including Degas, Monet, Pissarro, Cezanne, Renoir, Sisley, members of Molisuo etc.. For the first time exhibitors have independent and Impressionist artists such as traditional, painter Edward Brand Dong, sculptor Auguste Louis, Marie. This exhibition is the exhibition by Pierre – Auguste – Renoir organization, unlike previous Salon Exhibition, 165 works from 30 artists were hung in two for democratic level, slightly below, in a. This kind of presentation can not only provide the viewer with the perspective of the works, but also the key to the market of their works. The exhibition has a commercial purpose, different from those of the Academy, the government system from the floor to ceiling salon show. The walls were painted elegant scarlet newspaper相关的主题文章: