Park Geun hye national speech denied to join the cult, said it would not interrupt the operation of

Park Geun hye national speech denied adding a "cult" says it will not interrupt government operations – Beijing, Beijing, November 4, according to Yonhap reported that South Korean President Park Geun hye 4 at 10:30 in the morning local time, according to the issue on national politics close conversation, apologize again. Pu Jinhui denied in his speech to join the cult, and said it would not interrupt the operation of the state. According to reports, Pu Jinhui said that politics cronies fault in the incident, even willing to accept the investigation of special inspection if necessary. Pu Jinhui said in remarks: "everything is my fault, because it is caused by the oversight." Pu Jinhui said that the government will not interrupt the operation, communicate with government representatives frequently, and denied that he joined the cult". Pu Jinhui also said that if the fault is conclusive, is willing to assume responsibility. Earlier, South Korea’s JTBC television reported on 24 October in Cui Shunshi, South Korean President cronies entrusted property disposal office computer, found more than and 200 papers including 44 copies of the speech, the president. The Taiwan pointed out that the file open time before the president’s speech, and no doubt some official appointment Cui modifying speech Shunshi. Because of the presidential palace in only a handful of staff have the right to review, if leakage is true, it will be with the serious nature of the national discipline disorder event. South Korean prosecutors on November 3rd local time at 10:57 to arrest warrant arrested Cui Shunshi, will thoroughly investigate her crime. "Cronies" interference in politics after the scandal, published on the National Park to talk at the Chong Wa Dae on October 25th, that general election and became president was part of the information asked Cui Shunshi views on this matter and apologize to all the citizens.相关的主题文章: