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.puters-and-Technology Nowadays the words .puter security’ are on every person’s mind who deals with .puters. Everyone seems to be worried about some security concern with their .puters. But what exactly does .puter security mean? Simplified, it means keeping your .puter and of course, its data secure and safe. In the present age, most of personal data are stored in the .puter. But some of us don’t have the fundamental knowledge of keeping those data in safety. This basic knowledge is very simple; all you have to do is following some un.plicated rules that will improve the security of your .puter hugely. First of all let’s see what the internet connection is all about. We can take up a .parison- a .puter with internet connection resembles your very own house. Your house has many openings- doors, windows. With the increase in number of openings, increases the number of chances for someone to enter into your house. I am not saying that some robbers are going to .e, but more openings imply more chances of getting robbed. So to check these visits from strangers you need to install a quality firewall and also update this installed firewall on a regular basis. Nowadays, it’s not a headache to update your software or operating system. Microsoft Windows Update feature is a good instance. Ensure updating all your installations of your .puter. You will .e across two basic kinds of firewalls. Both of these (one, hardware and another, software) carry out the same task. Generally, a hardware firewall is included in your router in case you use one but you may not have a software firewall on your .puter. Sometimes we quite foolishly let strangers .e in. just opening an email or browsing the net can invite strangers. Your guards are often fooled by viruses, Trojans or spyware. Sometimes an email from your buddy can carry a fatal virus. So how does your .puter fight these unwanted guests’? – By installing anti virus software. In the present days, anti-virus falls under a huge category. Usually these packages or suites include a spyware scanner and a firewall. Although these guards are quite effective in their jobs, you are advised not to relax and rely .pletely on them. The protection plan of your .puter’s requires multi-tiered protection plan but they are just a single layer. The ultimate yet one of the most crucial advices that I must give you is that your .puter’s anti virus software should always be in a state of updated. They should be updated manually regularly since your .puter can be subjected to new threats everyday. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: