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People viewing group: "shark Beach" "gossip girl" thrilling escape — entertainment channel, Beijing 12 September, September 9th, produced by the United States Columbia Pictures Industries Inc bortezomib? Shyla directed, Black? Lively starred in the 2016 year of the most thrilling escape movie "sense shark Beach" ushered in the mainland release. The first weekend box office total breaking 50 million results after "Star Trek 3: beyond the stars", the market prospects. The foreign media has been consistently rated as the world’s most beautiful women fifteenth "Black? With her lively adventure film debut in the film. Unlike earlier characters, the second in her "shark Beach" in performance make people sit up and take notice, not only her fierce fighting, close combat and shark thriller drama, life on the line, no single door is close to survive acting bursting, double test of physical and mental despair, collapse and rise to counter a series of emotional expression most incisive, true is more a sense of power show no traces. Combat strength of the table at the same time taking into account a large number of inner play, fullness far better than the past. In addition, there are a lot of stunts in the movie clips. Surprisingly, almost all of these dangerous actions by Lively himself, it is hard to imagine that this was her first contact with surfing, even the director Hill does not live bortezomib? Admiration: "Lively is very hard and professional, the final presentation of the results made me feel as if she lives in the surf". You can work with your friends after the end of the film to submit your real viewing experience, the message to the public number, people’s entertainment, film critics unlimited. [September 9, 2015, September 23, 2016] use the term [participation] " entertainment" WeChat public number, and this news also forwarded circle of friends after you can get two screenshots, electronic ticket voucher. [contact] public number message to us, and you can be attached in the message in the circle of friends forwarded screenshots. (commissioning editor Zou Jing and Jiang Bo)相关的主题文章: