Philippines Venice Golden Lion captured Chinese language film a try hard – the media –

Philippines: Venice Golden Lion captured   Chinese language film "a try hard" – the media – original title: Philippines film "left women" captured the golden lion in Venice local time on September 10th, was that "in recent years the strongest" of the seventy-third Venice Film Festival curtain falls. In addition to Philippines and directed the film director Ralph? "Left women" won the golden lion may be a bit surprising, Tom award? Ford second works "nocturnal animal" harvest after the Golden Lion award jury, deserved. The work of a master of Venice crashed at the Venice film festival main competition finalists of the 19 films can be said to be brilliant, after on show and not a film to be fully occupied high reputation, "and" time "nocturnal animal Tour", "long road", the Milky Way "first lady", "war in heaven" the film is Amir Kusturica and Francois well-matched in strength,?? property, Andre? Kangcha, Wim Wenders, Terrence Jankulovski?? Marek such masters powerful collision, it is to let a person look at. But from the winning results, masters or almost The whole army was wiped out. quite a surprise. Previously considered to be popular for Master Award — Kusturica’s "long road" and the Milky Way eventually winning "left women" happened to be on the same day screenings. The final two times won the Palme d’Or Kusturica frustrated, Philippines director Ralph Dazzi on the podium?. Won the Golden Lion Award for the film "left women" for 226 minutes, tells the story of a life in prison for 30 years in a woman, her friend that framed her after being freed from prison, and then began to crazy revenge story. The story is inspired by Lev, a famous short story by Tolstoy, who holds the truth, but waits. The film nearly four hours long when quite a test audience, but this is not the longest movie director, last year he won a 485 minute "mysterious sad Lullaby" at the Berlin Film Festival and won the Silver Bear award. After the Golden Lion Award Jury Award was awarded to Tom? "Ford" on the nocturnal animal, Venice fashion legend preference can be traced back to 2009, when he first entered the film debut with "a single man" surprise four, not only nominated at the Venice film festival main competition unit, also help Colin? He won the best actor title. This is a "nocturnal animal" premiere received widespread acclaim and media, the preference of fashion ICON Venice logical given the award. Coincidentally, "and" left "nocturnal animal woman" tells a story about revenge. In other major awards, the best director of the "egg yolk", a "war to heaven" Russian director Andre Kangcha Veselovski, another star? To Mexico movie "savage" area director of AMA Ismail Carate?. Not to award ceremony of the "stone sister" Elmar? "Stone with the Philharmonic city" won the best actress award, won the Golden Lion Award for "outstanding citizen" popular actor Oscar Martinez was named the winner no suspense?. Compared to last year’s Hollywood films相关的主题文章: