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[post] Tmall 2.5 hour hand chop 50 billion LETV involved before the Commission official bribery case Cook – Sohu to encourage employees to encourage science and technology of Silicon Valley, the new world, and change synchronization services have higher sensitivity of the professional cooperation mailbox on Sino US information and Innovation: info@ifanr domestic news people more power: Tmall double 11 carnival night 2.5 hours you chop chop hand 50 billion hand? You cut? Tmall, Zhejiang satellite TV, Ali fish jointly produced the 2016 Tmall double carnival night from last night, starting at 10 points to close to nearly 12 points. Beckham couple, Lin Chiling and other big names one after another, and finally even Ma also changed several magic scene. There are friends aptly described: This is an unlimited standby advertising conference. The party ended up not long after 12 o’clock sound finally sounded, this year’s double eleven finally began, of course, the most intuitive figures: the data from last year eleven double contrast, has been further improved "". In the industry, clothing, cosmetics, electrical appliances, mobile phones are the most popular. Tmall clothing opening 1 hours has 10 businesses to achieve break billion turnover, which it only took 2 minutes and 53 seconds. The double eleven logistics speed has accelerated, a beautiful Juicer at 0:13 has been sent to the customer’s home. In addition, according to data from the Alibaba, the mobile terminal turnover ratio of 1 in the morning at 85.77%, more than the proportion of mobile terminal turnover was close to the peak of 95%. Behind the spectacular transaction data is also reflected in the technical level, the opening 30 minutes has created a trading peak of $175 thousand per second, pay a peak of $120 thousand pen a new record. As the crisis continues, before the Commission officials involved in bribery incident in November 10th, Jiangsu Province, Yangzhou City Intermediate People’s court held a public hearing of the Chinese Commission investor protection bureau former director Li Liang bribery case. Yangzhou City, Jiangsu province people’s Procuratorate charged: from 2000 to 2012, served as the Chinese Regulatory Commission issued the Ministry issued an audit of a director, deputy director of the supervision department of the gem distribution and the convenience of duty by the defendant Lee, Guangdong Kang beauty Limited by Share Ltd, LETV information technology (Beijing) for Limited by Share Ltd and other 9 companies open the issuance of stocks or listed to help, and accepting the company sent to the property investors from 2000 to 2013, a total of RMB 693.622654 yuan. Yesterday afternoon, the music as the official response, said the company and the company’s existing major shareholders and the company’s management has nothing to do with this matter, without any impact". Silicon Valley headlines YAHOO officially acknowledged: Verizon may give up the acquisition of data breaches this year in September, 2 months after the acquisition of YAHOO Verizon相关的主题文章: