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Health California ac.modates about 36,132,147 people out of which 166,556 are currently in state prison and 384,852 are on probation. Its crime rate is 1% higher than the national average with 86% of crime .ing from property crimes. Daily the state loses about 30 residents to alcohol related death and 5 to illegal drug overdose. The police make about 460 DUI arrests and 610 drug arrests. The figures very well point to the gravity of the problem of alcoholism and drug addiction in the state of California. The recovery from the same is a many stage process that calls for the active involvement of the addicts, their family members, treatment professionals and others who have been through the process themselves. Many addicts time and again start to over.e addiction only to fail miserably. Finally they decide to take professional help. Along with physical detoxification and out patient treatment they need to learn new skills for living, coping techniques and ways to regain control over life. Many alcohol treatment options are available these days and an increasing number of addicts are admitting the fact that they need help. They realize that it is the only way to say good bye to alcoholism for ever. According to a government statistics almost ten million Americans need the help from an alcohol treatment program. Since many people are dealing with the problem of alcoholism variety of rehabilitation centers are available in California. You should always remember that all rehabilitation centers are not created equal. They vary significantly in the therapies and approaches used. Hence it necessary that each individual should find the center that will cater to his individual needs and help him in the process of recovery. Some rehabilitation centers are designed in such a way to help adolescents who are dealing with addiction problems. Rehabilitating teenagers is very different from dealing with adults. Alcohol rehabilitation centers for adolescents have specific treatment plans directed towards young people. Likewise there are rehabilitation center exclusively meant for women addicts. The needs of women differ greatly and these centers develop procedures catering to the needs of women. These centers allow women to interact with each other thereby helping to over.e addiction. Separate centers are there for men also. Whether you are a teenage, a woman or a man there are different centers waiting to help you to rebuild your life. The goal of most alcohol rehabilitation treatment programs is to create alternative coping mechanisms to which clients can turn to instead of alcohol. Intensive life altering care is provided to the clients by most of the rehabilitation centers. In some of the centers a team of professional will be working for the client. They include psychotherapist, spiritual counselor, yoga specialist, nutritional analyst, blood chemical analyst and family therapist etc. One thing is for sure that there is hope for the addict through holistic principles and individualized methods followed by the rehabilitation centers. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: