Prices of thermal power enterprises bearing power leading Huaneng were forced to liquidate assets-winflash

Prices of thermal power enterprises bearing power leading Huaneng being forced to sell hot column capital flows thousands of thousand shares stocks the latest Rating Rating diagnosis simulated trading client Sina App: Live on-line blogger to guide the purchase of new shares: the stock market is the most simple way to pick up the money for thermal power enterprises, in September 28th released a new ring Bohai thermal coal price index is not a good news. Data show that the Bohai power coal price index closed at 561 yuan per ton, compared with the previous reporting period rose by $7 tons, compared with the beginning of the year rose 190 yuan, or up to $51.21%. This is the price of coal for fourteenth consecutive week of gains, is conducive to improve the coal business performance, but it means to the lower reaches of the thermal power enterprises to further pressure. Also in September 28th, the Beijing equity exchange officially disclosed two central enterprises property transfer project. The subject matter of the transfer is Huaneng 20% stake in the right of the coal and Electricity Co., Ltd., Yangquan Coal Group Huaneng Coal Power Investment Co., Ltd., a total of $49%, the transfer price of a total of $713 million 485 thousand and 600. The subject matter of the two subjects is the same as Huaneng International (600011.SH) – one of the largest listed power generation companies. While the winter storage period coincides with the coal demand resulting in coal prices continued to rise, the black market interpretation of coal enterprises. On the other side is the amount of excess capacity price Qi down, thermal power enterprise profit space is compressed. In contrast, it is not difficult to see the days of thermal power companies is not good. Therefore, even one of the leading domestic power generation Huaneng International, seeking transfer of coal assets will be reasonable. In fact, Huaneng Power International, the current environment is beset with troubles internally and externally. According to China coal transportation and Marketing Association announced in August of this year, the coal economy operation, 8 months ago, the national electric power industry coal consumption was 12.2 tons. Combined with the first 7 months before the release of the electricity industry, the amount of coal consumption of 10.4 tons, can be estimated in August the national power industry coal consumption of about 1.8 tons. The national development and Reform Commission announced in mid September August the national comprehensive coal price index shows that the national coal price index for 369.74 yuan per ton, compared to July rose 29.02 yuan per ton. This means that, in August alone, the cost of coal mining enterprises to increase the cost of 5 billion 224 million yuan. In addition, another data also highlight the plight of thermal power enterprises. According to the National Energy Bureau of statistics, the first 8 months, the national power generation equipment, the average utilization hours of 2507 hours, down 173 hours. Among them, the average utilization hours of thermal power equipment for 2727 hours, reducing the amount of 228 hours. Faced with such an industry environment, the impact of Huaneng International obvious. In the first half of this year, Huaneng International power generation capacity of 146 billion 80 million kwh, for the company’s annual plan of 46.37%, compared with 2015 fell by 8.60%. Affected by this, the company achieved operating income of 52 billion 924 million yuan in January -6 yuan, down by $18.96%, attributable to shareholders of listed companies net profit of $6 billion 292 million, down 30.54%. On相关的主题文章: