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Pu Jinhui is the South Korean "enemy" to promote the multi – Sohu press down South Korean President Park Geun hye is "deserted" universally condemned, South Korea’s ruling party, the Congress, and the public prosecution of Park Geun hye’s fate has taken action, but the park still "not moved" Chong Wa Dae seems to have keep close at home. Is the whole and against South korea. U.S. State Department spokesman John (John Kirby)? Kirby said the recent political unrest in South Korea, the United States will continue to support the people all over the world peaceful demonstrations and rallies "rights, but will not change the U.S. commitment to the South Korean government and the public, the United States will continue to abide by the alliance to ensure commitment. As to whether the United States has communicated with any government official in South Korea over the recent political situation, he said, there is no relevant information can be released. Chong Wa Dae Park shut down to prevent "collapse" of the British "Financial Times" 28 reported that South Korea is facing experts said the "composite crisis", striking in economic growth, shaky geopolitical tensions and a series of business matters, the country is now no leader in a mess, ", now in South Korea full crisis". Pu Jinhui presided over the meeting (source: Beijing), according to Lianhe Zaobao reported on 29, park Geun hye chaired a meeting last October 11th. October 20th, the first time she issued a position on the dry affairs, has not yet held a meeting of the chief secretary. The office of the president of Chong Wa Dae sources, after Pu Jinhui in November 8th to Congress met with speaker of the parliament, has 20 days of work shut down keep close at home, Chong Wa Dae. South Korean media that Congress has not launched against the impeachment of President Pu Jinhui, but it seems to have stopped the presidency; that she was worried about the chaos will cause the system to collapse, the chief secretary did not dare accept the resignation submitted last week. According to Yonhap reported that 28 South Korean presidential spokesman Zheng Ranguo Chong Wa Dae sent 28 to the media reporters message said, park Geun hye day accepted by the Ministry of justice Sir Jin Xianxiong’s resignation, but retain the Chong Wa Dae in charge of civil affairs chief secretary Cui Zaiqing’s resignation. Jin Xianxiong and Cui Zaiqing 20 this month, prosecutors door case cronies issued the interim findings, said to take moral responsibility and that resignation. The third speech to the nation? According to the Xinhua news agency quoted the 29 South Korean media reports, Chong Wa Dae quoted several sources said, with the "bestie incident continues to ferment, park could be preparing for a third published" national speech ", or the time in this week. By then, park Geun hye may be third times to apologize to the people. Pu Jinhui since "bestie" incident exposure has been keeping a low profile. According to some South Korean media said, in just the past weekend, during South Korea held around the candlelight rally, park did not go out in the home, listen to the relevant national protest aides report. At the same time, presidential Secretary chief Han Guangyu and other senior secretary also discussed ways to resolve the current crisis, including: third speeches and apology. At present,)相关的主题文章: