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Public traffic violations Chaogu units, why not? Sohu review officer in the aspects of moral self-discipline, law-abiding, social responsibility, should have higher standards and requirements than ordinary people. The officer of the illegal traffic information Chaogu units, impose more discipline and moral pressure pressure to promote public servants, institutions and state-owned enterprises to actively participate in traffic safety management, is an effective traffic safety management innovation. Recently, civilized traffic safety month theme activities in Henan Province, to focus on remediation of various types of traffic violations, and the implementation of traffic violations Chaogu system, civil servants’ personal illegal traffic information will be Chaogu to subordinate units, which caused public controversy. Some people believe that the traffic illegal information reporting unit is conducive to increasing the cost of illegal, and strengthen social awareness of law-abiding. Some people think that the traffic offense information Chaogu the parties have no basis in law, the traffic control department of the alleged abuse of law enforcement power. Indeed, the traffic control department, including traffic enforcement, the administrative law enforcement organs must have a legal basis, otherwise it is in violation of law enforcement, law enforcement authority. In a civilized traffic safety month theme activities, the traffic control department to punish all types of traffic violations, and normal law enforcement behavior there is no difference, but the implementation of traffic violations Chaogu system, the public officials illegal traffic information Chaogu their units, belonging to the internal management behavior of the local administrative system, but not a kind of administrative law enforcement behavior, the two can not be confused. The administrative law enforcement behavior in according to the law, conduct internal management of the local administrative system can have certain innovation to create space, as long as the creation of innovative behavior does not violate the law, no damage to national interests, public interests and the rights and interests of citizens, should have a certain "discretion", but not to be "in the law according to the" blame. The traffic control department of the public servants involved in the illegal traffic information law enforcement, Chaogu feedback to the public officer’s unit, this is not for public officials, two penalties law punishes, but where the units and public officials (or unit department) for information sharing, and hope that through this way, strengthen the civilized traffic safety education and corporate governance. Regardless of the original intention or from the actual effect, this administrative innovation behavior is understandable. Illegal traffic reporting system is not the first in Henan province. 2009 Chengdu city traffic police department launched the public traffic illegal copying system, pedestrians running red light, the driver drunk driving, etc.. Launched the "2015 Chengdu Municipal Traffic Management Bureau of pedestrian non motor vehicle traffic violations Chaogu system, illegal parties information be Chaogu to their unit or community. Henan province to explore the traffic violations Chaogu system, is one of the biggest differences with Chengdu’s practice is to copy the object defined in the group of public officials, Chaogu scope is limited in the organs and institutions and state-owned enterprises, the common traffic violations involving pedestrians, drivers of non public identity, except by the traffic control Department punishment that will not be Chaogu unit or community. Illegal traffic reporting system only for public officials, will involve traffic violations of public officials and other traffic violations in the central area to separate, so that public officials.相关的主题文章: