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The death of Qiao Renliang rumors: we never learned to respect the life itself – the death of Qiao Renliang Sohu news rumors spread, and on social media and a carnival, is nothing more than tell us that in our modern society, really, have not learned to respect the life itself. Our terrible market doctrine is the red jungle of prejudice and discrimination. Before today, I knew nothing about Qiao Renliang except his name. For him the fame of "hero", I only know Joker. Because Joker and Hebe Tian is the young pop singer I almost only identity. Through the data, I only know that he and Li Yifeng had a partner (I know that Li Yifeng is from the "old gun" in), he and Jing Bairan are the same draft star (I know that Jing Bairan is "catch demon"). One of the most tragic words I’ve ever heard is "I saw the little guy on his MSN go down and never light up again."". Perhaps the younger generation does not understand the tragic. But from the MSN era over the people know, when MSN QQ and MSN icon racing together bridle to bridle when the villain almost represents a person in the world of activity. When one of the villains from MSN annihilation, which means that he passed away, to die. I know about Qiao Renliang too. Although I do not know him, but I believe that one day, we may be in a TV play or a film, on the encounter, have never met, but the world is full of romance. But never again. He is young and handsome, and is said to sing well. But we can’t meet again. Life is beautiful and fragile, so we can remember him. Rumors of SM’s sexual asphyxia, but even the memory of such cheap things, are extravagant in the age of social media. In the original message, Qiao Renliang died of SM. Most people are afraid that there is no concept of a term such as sexual asphyxia, but the two simple letter SM can cause enough excitement. Last year, the explosion of red film "50 degrees of gray", is the story of SM. In the first few hours of Qiao Renliang’s death, the news of SM’s death was the fastest. At the same time, in the circle of friends, micro-blog, as well as various types of social media, SM and SM search for the rapid rise of sexual asphyxia. The Shanghai police official disclosed some information (it was not confirmed by fuzzy deliberately fuzzy, and more is only to protect the privacy of the parties), which only confirmed the location of death (Taopu Villa), the man surnamed Qiao, ruled out homicide suspects. This message was then turned into more adding the trimmings official to conceal the true cause of death, "I told you so" conspiracy theory, exacerbating the spread of rumors. In the middle of the night, the truth of death gradually clarifies the outline of. Qiao Renliang’s death was his girlfriend, and his death was suicide. Shanghai TV host to declare in his WeChat confirmed he was suffering from depression. By the time the manuscript was written, the most detailed description was the death of a plastic bag on his head. When I read Qiao Renliang’s information,.相关的主题文章: