Qnet .plaints Unfolding The Truth-kimi wo omou melodi

Business When we were kids, we used to play a game called Chinese whispers where the aim was to pass on a message by whispering it into your neighbours ear. This would go on till it reached the last person in the chain. Now dont look so confused! One would ask, what is the relevance of this game with the topic of this article, right? Well, let me explain. The way a message gets misinterpreted or mis.municated in the game of Chinese whispers, is similar to how people tend to misinterpret or mis.municate information about services, products and .panies. Whenever they speak about something, they tend to add information of their own, particularly if it is not something they have experienced personally but have only heard of.. By the time it actually reaches the end of the chain, there are different aspects added to the actual facts. The QNET .plaints that have been flooding the virtual world are an apt example. Why did I pick this one? Simply because, recently at a party while discussing direct selling .panies we stumbled upon QNET and the .plaints that have been all the rage online. For those of you who are not aware of this .pany, QNET is a direct selling .pany with a wide range of brands from segments like nutrition, watches, energy products, vacation packages and more. I was surprised when one gentleman spoke about how QNET claims to be a get rich quick scheme and hasnt lived up to it. My question to him was, who said that it was a get rich quick scheme? Yes, QNET representatives do speak about making money eventually! They talk about embracing it as a business opportunity and making money in the long run. Its not a nine-to-five job that would pay you a fixed amount at the end of the month, rather its more like a baby that when nurtured would eventually turn into a capable adult. Just like an entrepreneurial venture. It is because of some people with misconceived information that QNET .plaints have surfaced the World Wide Web. Why do I say this so confidently? The answer is simple, because Ive witnessed it all personally and it wasnt something that happened overnight but over a period of time. So what is the key to success here? I would say persistence, patience and definitely hard work. And how does one get started? With an initial investment you can be.e an independent representative of the .pany. For every product that you sell and any new person that you recruit for the .pany, you earn in.e. Both require the skills of .municating appropriately, soif you are unable to do so, it goes without saying that you do not grow. How can the .pany be blamed for this? Most of the QNET .plaints are from unhappy individuals who were unable to make money, especially because they were unableto excel in the required areas. Im not trying to promote this .pany but simply trying to portray it the way it should be, so that others benefit from it the way I did. The next time you hear about these QNET .plaints, remember the game of Chinese whispers: you might not be hearing the truth after all. Why dont you find out for yourself instead? About the Author: 相关的主题文章: