Regal keen on reality show! This is a blatant display of wealth… hyuna

Regal keen on reality show! This is a blatant display of wealth… This article from the public "variety Jun" (id:sinazongyi) in recent years, the rich guies appearance on the TV screen is not limited to the official chat show, Wang Jianlin and Lu Yu played a live broadcast of the most fashionable fashion fashion, national husband Wang Sicong [micro-blog] in their opening form the first variety goddess show, Wang Shi in the "The Brain" and Guo Jingming [micro-blog] Shuaqi lips, Kenneth Fok in the "Amazing Race" to open the "sweet to snore Su Eun good care of wife" model…… What do they look like under the so program? Uncle Wang Jianlin: Meng Meng Da + super good father a! Recently, Wang Jianlin guest Lu Yu show "Lu Yu big coffee day", from moment to moment into serious president Meng Da uncle, super warm!! Can we subvert the traditional sense of President stern image cognition and speech point ~ ~ really funny, is very confident, forthright, very open thinking ~ ~ in the process of live not only exposed his office and his collection of the Kingdom, with the audience feel Wanda canteen delicacy for the first time, opening a private plane carrying Lu Yu travel. When it comes to his son Wang Sicong, Wang Jianlin said there is a need for their own time will appear free. I would like to ask such a good father can apply for a dozen!! In the interview session, Wang Jianlin said a word also unexpected popularity! He told a lot of students came up and said: "I want to be the richest man!" In this case, patiently teach: "set a small goal, for example, I earn it one hundred million!" Ha ha ha ha ha, really is the rich, one hundred million of the target is indeed too small ah! After the blue, Wang Jianlin’s theory of one hundred million instantaneous burst of red network! Netizens have joked that Wang Jianlin is now 170 billion, proved to be composed of small targets of the 1700! However, as the "Asia’s richest man" is currently owned by all this, for Wang Jianlin does not seem to meet, let Disney in the release of earnings can not be twenty years after he declared: Rhetoric plan after 4 years of tourism industry to achieve the status of the world. In the program also said: "the change of foreigners say (the situation), sooner or later China standard as the world standard". In addition, Wang Jianlin also participated in the "lecture" Yang Lan. "[micro-blog] interview" program, from the standard "Adorable uncle chicken soup"! Wang Sicong: on the show as long as the beautiful harem group surrounded! All along, Wang Sicong are net red, entertainment Discipline Inspection Commission, the rich two generations of the image of the hearts of all users. And the identity of the national husband! The president handed baggage, willing to green, bring new goddess, in order to open the individual first variety show "hello". When it comes to the understanding of the real goddess, he believes that the goddess not only need beautiful appearance, more important to have a full heart, so he proposed to the players: Well, read more. Ha ha ha, you are sure not to tease us, who said that to find a girlfriend as long as the chest相关的主题文章: