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Rent a car to travel, take you to experience a different Beijing new game "is the world outside the car, inside the car is home, traveling and living together, on the road, in the car already abroad, happiness within, is the leisure tourism and even a part of life, will be reflected in the home on wheels it is a personalized way of life. In order to promote fashion healthy green lifestyle, promote Beijing Changping features, RV campground RV business tourism resources, rich in tourism products, tourism media, November 5th, dozens of car riders and tourists will be invited to experience the Changping car travel products. Fall in love with Changping network marketing platform to push the car rental products, three car travel line can experience a different car to meet the travel needs of different network marketing platform, Aikami Shohei introduced five car rental products, a total to meet your needs. 1, Zhongtian RV daily rent 1600 yuan recommended reason: simple Nordic style, distinctive smooth appearance, walnut interior luxury decoration, they feel at home. 2, the Great Wall car daily rent 1100 yuan recommended reason: through the strong, can satisfy 4 people travel to play, do not have to take into account the scenic spots and hot room skyrocketing prices do not live in the house. Live in their own houses, enjoy their own way of life, where there is a turning back rate. 3, sojourners Trailer (water droplets) daily rent 600 yuan recommend reason: is a family of three preferred travel car, affordable, compact and convenient traffic, through strong, before in the kitchen kitchen structure, large bilateral account to expand the space, hot and cold water supply, water droplets car, what else can not! 4, sojourners Trailer (large droplets) daily rent 800 yuan recommend reason: large droplets of a car, the classic era, large sofa bed, can meet the needs of a family of three traveling, indoor toilet, rain, air conditioner, refrigerator, microwave oven, TV function is complete, you move home, 1.8 can drag the above displacement. 5, sojourners Trailer (RV camp) daily rent 1000 yuan recommend reason: sojourners camp luxury saloon car, where the scenery is good to go, where the temperature is comfortable to go, stop there, go camping holiday weekend, the feelings of nature! The reporter learned from the Changping Tourism Committee was informed that the focus on the launch of three car car lines, covering key tourist resources in Changping District, to enjoy the car driving fun to play at the same time, the surrounding area is also a good choice. Line one hundred in the ring corridor – explore Guan City (village ancient city – flow island – Aries Aries – six Bay City Reservoir – and sub – old Jian Cun Yu Gou Cun, Long Valley Town Village – red wolf Valley Scenic Spot – Qipanshan – flow island village) into the line features: 100 Huanlang, as open a history. Built in the Qin Dynasty Huang Lou ancient the Great Wall, treasures the archaic; Song Yang wells, Mu Guiying Wang Tuo tuna vaguely visible; the Ming Dynasty city wall ruins and built Aries Observatory, the Beacon Tower towering lie; built the Qing Dynasty during the reign of Qing tombs relic still. Aries City Yuan village, built in the Ming Dynasty City, far have not taught Ma degrees Yinshan Hu "pass by, in" seven – Seven "incident shortly after the birth of a team of people here, meal相关的主题文章: