Robots in the future there will be a group of people may understand the intention of intelligence e2140

The future will have robot swarm intelligence may understand the intent of Ding Han Chinese robot academy will have a group of intelligent may understand the intent of "intelligent manufacturing, has a very important role is the robot." Ding Han, academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, said that the invention of human robot has three purposes. The first is to replace people, people do not move the robot to do; slowly is the service, the old, may need to care for the robot; the future may be extended to the human mind control robot can move up. "The robot will naturally interact with the operating environment, the operator and other robots in the future." Ding Han said that in the future there may be a lot of freedom of the robot may be a ubiquitous concept of the robot, the robot may be ubiquitous. For example, automatic driving, it is also a robot to drive, the rotor is also a robot technology, there are many robots to do surgery, the future of robotics should be a ubiquitous concept." On the other hand, the robot will have swarm intelligence – each individual robot is not very powerful, but it is important to gather together. In the view of Ding Han, future robots will be among individuals with independent ability, independent observation, judgment, decision-making and action, at the same time with the characteristics of perception, cognition, and the game can power between groups, "swarm intelligence involves artificial intelligence and many other technologies. The most important robots are robots that work with people. The future robot can understand people’s intentions, think that the." Chinese Academy of Engineering Luo An new energy vehicle battery life will gradually improve the trend of the future, with technological advances, new energy vehicles battery life will gradually improve." Luo An, academician of Chinese Academy of engineering, intelligent manufacturing will change all aspects of people’s lives, such as robots may enter the home of ordinary people, new energy vehicles will become the future trend. As an expert in the field of power conversion and control engineering, Luo brought about the latest technical achievements in the field of high power electric energy conversion — how to improve the quality of high quality special steel. Luo an introduction of high-quality special steel is the key material of China’s military ships, energy, construction, aerospace, electrical transformers, automobiles, steel and shipbuilding, high-speed rail industry backbone. "Is the key process of steel smelting continuous casting, continuous casting is composed of electromagnetic heating system, electromagnetic stirring system, electromagnetic stirring of molten steel in blast furnace system is mainly inside insulation and continuous casting." Luo an introduction, a large power supply by electromagnetic stirring and mixing system of electromagnetic stirring roller, it can greatly improve the quality of special steel. According to reports, the current domestic and foreign electromagnetic stirring system 70% is used China technology and equipment, technology and equipment are also exported to Europe, the Middle East, South America, Asia and other countries, the mixing technology and equipment system in Tundish for electromagnetic heating and electromagnetic breakthrough, make electronic metallurgy abroad. Chengdu Chinese commercial news reporter Ye Yan photo reporter Wang Wang, Zhang Jian相关的主题文章: