Ronaldo against Ronaldinho will return to Barcelona any exposure line team

Ronaldo against? Ronaldinho will return to Barcelona any exposure line team ambassador or Ronaldinho will return to the Nou Camp Phoenix sports news Beijing time on September 3rd, according to "Marca" reported that Barcelona will re sign former World Footballer Ronaldinho jiujiang. Of course, Ronaldinho in the new role of Barcelona is no longer a player, but as the Barcelona first team ambassador. In order to continue to expand their influence in the world, Beijing time on September 6th, Barcelona club in the United States will set up a new cooperative company in New York. When the ribbon cutting ceremony, Ronaldinho will attend as Barcelona first team ambassador. It is reported that the selection criteria for the first team of Barcelona ambassador is: must be the club since its inception in 1899, one of the most representative players in history. Finally, Ronaldinho talent shows itself elected. Ronaldinho left Barcelona has been close to 8 years in Barca 5 years (2003-2008 years), Ronaldinho for Barcelona won a total of 5 major trophy, help Barcelona return to European football peak. Messi, Iniesta and Harvey, Barcelona can be said to be growing up under the influence of ronaldinho. As a former World Footballer Ronaldinho, with hundreds of millions of fans worldwide, the influence is amazing. "Marca" Ronaldinho praised, can be said to be the best person for the Barcelona first team ambassador. The day before, Real Madrid has just signed back Ronaldo, Ronaldo will serve as a global ambassador for the Milky Way warships, and an advisor to Florentino. The Barcelona signing Ronaldinho, is also considered a measure to cope with Real Madrid to sign and return the ronaldo. (gradually)相关的主题文章: