Round people live the dream — Qinghai — Qilian, channel transformation of shanty tow cashmere mafia

Haibei Prefecture of Qilian shantytowns round people "live the dream" – Qinghai Channel – "I lived in this place for nearly twenty years, the original house is too old, especially on rainy days, the rain outside, the rain at home. The government gave us a new set of buildings, the conditions are good, we are still very supportive." Qi Wenju as a beneficiary of the project to change the county of Qilian shed, he really felt the benefits brought by the shed change. In recent years, the county to carry out a variety of forms of government led shantytowns, and achieved initial success, many people realize the dream of many years of housing improvement. The county in accordance with the demolition of the transformation, project construction, publicity ahead of the idea, the organization was suspended in the area of banners, posters. In accordance with the law, civilized and harmonious "requirement, the masses in the home, the propaganda of shantytowns related laws and regulations, were turning to understand why and how to remove the demolition and other issues, for the masses to understand and support the demolition work, to create an open, transparent, sunny and harmonious atmosphere for demolition renovation. Aiming at the problem of shantytowns in complex environment, in accordance with the "main leaders personally, leaders in charge of specific work, Dundian area is responsible for grasping the work of thinking, organization staff to carry out in-depth internal area, household survey, investigation to be the demolition of housing ownership, land use, construction area, there is no real right procedure, family as the resident population registration, and the establishment of accounting, to ensure that the demolition work according to the. The establishment of the shantytowns and the real estate market exchange mechanism, the establishment of unsold commercial housing supply and demand price accounting according to the transformation of shanty towns, regulate and supervise the sales of commercial real estate development enterprises, and actively implement the monetized resettlement, encourage the shantytown residents to buy commercial housing. In the demolition work will be published in time before the start of public policy and information, the demolition, the demolition work, practical to develop relocation programs, strictly enforce the policy of demolition, the demolition work carried out in an orderly manner in accordance with the law. This year, the county a total of 352 shantytowns, an area of 28 thousand square meters, the implementation of monetary compensation. Involving eight town area, county families raising road area, Muara estuary area, Xiazhuang area, mountain area 202 drow along the road and asbestos mine city shantytowns 150. Up to now, raising sections, the old county families of the two districts of the housing reform housing levy rapid progress, the successful completion of the 192 compensation agreement signed, has begun demolition. The remaining 160 are being assessed, demolition mobilization stage. (commissioning editor Zhang Zhiping and Yang Yang)相关的主题文章: