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The Russian missile deployment of Japanese media in the four northern islands contain Chinese: original title: Japanese media: Russian missiles in the four northern islands contain Chinese [global network reported on November 27th military   according to Japan’s "Asahi Shimbun" reported on November 24th, Chinese is stepping up plans to open up the Arctic route, by the Japan Sea, Okhotsk Sea, wo the Arctic Ocean into the Atlantic. In this case, the Russo Japanese government began to strengthen the Maritime Self Defense Force and the Russian Navy cooperation. Japanese media said Abe Shinzo is the prime minister and President Putin will hold a summit in the city of Nagato Yamaguchi on December 15th, the subject of the talk is one of the Far East defense. Japan and Russia government still next year in January to restore the Maritime Self Defense Force and the Russian Navy joint search and rescue training coordination matters. Reported that, due to global warming, the Arctic sea ice continues to decrease, the development and storage of resources around the route in the Arctic, the rights and interests of countries competing to take action. China also focuses on this, since 2012, almost every year to send "Snow Dragon icebreaker Arctic voyages. Last September, the 5 ship navy ships sailing to the Arctic Ocean for the first time Chinese portal – Alaska California waters of the Bering sea. Reported that, for Russia, Warhol played sea is the strategic nuclear submarine activities of the "holy land", China behavior make it very nervous and so. In 2011 and 2014, Russia in the "Snow Dragon" on the route carried out missile exercises as a deterrent. In December last year, Russia’s national security strategy formulated to determine the establishment of the Far East and the Arctic coast defense system. Russia in the South Kuril Islands to deploy ground to ship missiles, also has to contain China means. Editor: Kang Yunkai相关的主题文章: