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Samsung launched in the UK Galaxy Note 7 TNW Chinese replacement service station reported in September 19th Samsung announced today that Galaxy Note 7 replacement officially in the uk. Samsung recommended UK Note 7 users had shut down immediately and contact as soon as possible purchase of dealers in exchange for new machine. Fortunately, British consumers don’t have too much Galaxy Note 7, Note 7 may be because of a fire in charge when the news just came out, immediately stop the Samsung mobile phone sales. I believe that only those who booked the phone in advance and 3 days before the official launch of the phone directly from Samsung to get this phone consumers have this phone. It is reported that some of the UK’s mobile phone retailers have begun to contact Note 7 users to negotiate the replacement of old machines to replace the new machine. Prior to this, some retailers also offer other brands a mobile phone is returned to Note 7 users, for users to use temporarily. Now the UK Note 7 users can immediately get in touch with the purchase of retailers in the local store, and then go directly to the store with 7 Note or giving them before the temporary use of the mobile phone to replace a new Note 7, but before the new mobile phone users to choose color and color is the same. It is unclear when Samsung will begin accepting new orders for Galaxy Note 7. But Warehouse, an independent mobile phone dealer in the UK, is expected to replenish its stock in October 21st by Carphone. (compiled by Lin Jingdong) Click here to view the original English version of the United States [The Next Web works related to the rights and interests of Chinese exclusive Tencent Inc. Without authorization, shall not be reproduced excerpts, etc.. ]相关的主题文章: