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Samsung Note7 suspend production: the replacement of "safe" version of history after explosion – Beijing, Beijing, October 10, from South Korea’s Samsung Corp released in early August flagship mobile phone Note 7, due to overheating of the battery explosion or combustion news constantly, frequent accidents, even in the replacement of "safe" version remains after the explosion. Foreign media 10, said the news, Samsung Corp suspended Note7 mobile phone production. Beijing time on the evening of August 2nd, Samsung in New York, London and Rio held simultaneously three GalaxyNote7 conference. Samsung mobile President DJ Koh debut speech. However, the advent of Note7 less than a month after exposed a series of accidents. Many buyers said, Note7 suddenly exploded in use, only in the United States has occurred more than a mobile phone explosion caused a fire incident. U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission issued a warning urging consumers to stop using Note7 phones. With the mobile phone explosion intensified, Note7 was issued a number of countries and agencies ban, requiring the ban on the phone during the flight. U.S. Federal Aviation Administration issued a warning 8, strongly recommended that passengers do not start after boarding the Note7 phone or charge it, do not put it in the checked baggage. The Associated Press reported that the Federal Aviation Administration had rarely issued a warning on a specific product. Japan’s Ministry of land and communications issued a similar warning, requiring domestic airlines do not allow passengers to use Note7 mobile phones on the plane. South Korean Ministry of transportation requires Note7 mobile phone users in the plane when the entire shutdown, not to charge the phone, and the phone can not be placed in the checked baggage. Singapore Airlines, Australian Airlines, virgin Australia Airlines, Etihad Airways have also joined the ranks of Note7 mobile phone issued flight ban. At present, the global explosion of Note 7 using lithium batteries from SamsungSDI. Due to a defect in the design of the battery core, when the user to Note 7 charging will encounter severe heat or even explosion. As of early October, including the United States, China mainland and Hongkong region worldwide occurrence of dozens of explosion accident of battery. In September 2nd, Samsung officially announced that due to battery defects, the sale of Note7 mobile phone cover; allowed to buy this mobile phone consumers have two weeks after the replacement of a new mobile phone; and the recall of Australia and the United States and other 10 countries and regions, a total of 2 million 500 thousand Note7 mobile phone. September, Samsung Corp began a large-scale recall of Note7 phones. Samsung announced that the United States Note7 mobile phone users can choose a few Samsung phones in a replacement, you can receive a value of $25 (about 167 yuan) gift card. In addition, Samsung also requires South Korean consumers should stop using Note7 phones, Samsung mobile phone repair center for recall. Earlier, South Korea’s Samsung Corp said that due to the sale of Note7 mobile phone batteries in mainland China by another battery supplier production.相关的主题文章: