Sanlitun will launch a magical world of Magic – Beijing – Sohu Entertainment tataufo

"The magical animal" Sanlitun will carry out the magic world in Beijing – Sohu "entertainment Pacific magic Tour" theme exhibition will be held in the Sohu, entertainment news produced by Warner Bros. J.K. Rowling from November 15th to December 25th the first screenwriter "magical animal where" will be released in November 25th, the new magic tide is coming. "Pacific magic Tour" theme exhibition will be held from November 15th to December 25th in the city known as the "trend landmark" and "Humanistic Fashion Exchange" of the Pacific in Sanlitun start. Holding the wand protagonist Newt Schapman De, to a full magic animal and a variety of wonderful things appear in the poster in the suitcase in the trunk of the secret; then, and a new world of magic will be the first appearance in Beijing, welcome from all over the world "magician" fans, the official theme exhibition is the movie in the world’s only set magic shows and interactive scenarios as one of the large-scale exhibition. This exhibition was first presented J.K. Rowling to create a new dimension of magic, fans can not only enjoy the "magic" in the animal on behalf of where elements of building magic scene, also can see the role of props and other cargo coming directly from the studio. In addition to the protagonist Newt scamandre suitcase, several movie costumes will debut at the exhibition on the theme. More surprising news is that the film in several important magic animal model will be the first to form solid exposure, only a book or notice in a sniff, such as Thunderbird magic can finally get a glimpse of their animal. During the exhibition held in Sanlitun, the Pacific in the orange hall height reduction quality of the Ministry of magic and the magical world of North American scene, and in November 22nd officially open to the public, a series of magic situational game will make magic fans personally on the scene. For example, fans can try to read a spell, magic show, interactive screen will record your instant cast spells, and feedback a cool photo. November 25th, where the magical animals will be 3D, IMAX3D, as well as Chinese giant screen 3D format in mainland China release.相关的主题文章: