Scar Free Hair Transplant In

Hair-Loss Follicular Unit Extraction hair transplant is the new and advanced technique that is used worldwide of transplanting hair into the bald scalp. Everyone needs to know what makes it so special and expensive than the ordinary and conventional hair implant method? It is a fact that this technique is cutting edge and getting popularity rapidly. Fue allows the surgeon to extract 2000-4000 number of hair grafts in one session and second session can be done the following day without any interval. So it is understood that with this technique one can get maximum density because strip method allows to remove 15-30 cm strip of hair follicles are dissected for transplantation. Fue hair restoration is so liberal that the surgeon can extract hair from any part of the body other than scalp. It could be your chest, back, arms or legs that can donate hair follicles for your bald scalp. Previously those people were not considered good candidates for the surgery who do not have large donor area and they had to face dejection. FUE makes it possible to get their hair restored who do not have large donor scalp and if their hair loss patch is bigger, they can get the surgery done. Before taking this decision of hair transplant surgery, one should make sure that the surgeon who is performing this procedure is highly qualified and experienced with fully equipped clinic. Because if the surgeon is not trained for follicular hair extraction, then the whole procedure, time and money would all go in vain and you wont be able to get desired and expected results. It is patients right to gather .plete information regarding the treatment. It is very important to see the gallery of before and after pictures of those patients who had already taken treatment from the surgeon who is performing your surgery. This technique is very helpful in covering the scar of any previous scalp or head surgery. It is ideal for people who have any disease that slows down the healing of wounds like diabetes etc. FUE is .monly known as a no touch surgery because after anesthetizing the scalp, the hair follicle is removed with an instrument, which is like a punching machine that makes about 0.25mm punch around the hair, and it is extracted and again with the help of a micro blade the incision is made and hair graft is inserted. So there is no scar left after the surgery because there are no sutures given. The process is about 6-8 hours long; it depends upon the individual and his requirement for covering the baldness. There is no pain felt even after the surgery and the patient is free to move and do his daily chores according to routine. The procedure is so unidentified that even your barber can not recognize that you have undergone any surgical procedure to restore hair. These transplanted hairs have the tendency to grow all life. There is no permanent hair loss, there could only be little temporary shedding and the re-growth starts naturally. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: