Sculptor Lisa memories of school experience had spent the night on the bench in Zhongshan Park 97179

The sculptor Lisa Yi school experience: – Beijing has overnight new network reporter Song Yusheng photo " on a bench in Zhongshan Park; src=" 20160904; 20169413417.jpg" style=" border:px solid #000000" title=" sculptor Lisa introduced his own creative experience. Beijing News reporter Song Yusheng photo " > sculptor Lisa describes his creative experience. In new network reporter Song Yusheng photo Beijing, September 4 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Song Yusheng) 3, the sculptor Lisa works tasting held in Beijing. Lisa recalled his own experience in learning to sculpture, activities, she said, was because the family condition is not good, sometimes even to spend the night on a bench in Zhongshan Park". Reporters on the scene, the exhibition works as Lisa’s "Fuyuan" series of sculptures, is the latest works in 2016. According to reports, many works in marble material. Most of the characters are ancient costume characters. Collectors Tian Ling believed that from the "Fuyuan" series of sculptures can be seen in the "deep inside Ancient Chinese Literature Search". The scene, Lisa recalled the history of his creative sculpture. She said, himself a few years old had started using rubber mud, in accordance with the dream to fabricate the appearance of ladies provided flowers; a little bit bigger after the start according to the "journey to the west" masterpiece "a dream of Red Mansions" as characters in the fabrication of clay. Since then, the mother took Lisa to Beijing for the masters. She recalled: "at that time to Beijing, home conditions are not very good, and sometimes even to spend the night on a bench in Zhongshan Park." Since then, Lisa began to receive professional sculpture training. Lisa sculpture "Fuyuan" series of "love" in long. The campaign for map "Panniu series" is considered to be a turning point for Lisa, she used an exaggerated way to show the human body. This exhibit is "Fuyuan" series of sculptures in the characters and "Panniu series" are similar. As a teacher who taught Lisa Tsinghua University, Academy of Fine Arts professor Du Hongyu said that Lisa in the creation of very hard, "the last time in the 798 exhibition will do a lot of things, this looked to do a lot of things". The sculptor Lisa partners, Beijing long Culture Communication Co., Ltd. chairman Dong Changjian said at the event, for a girl, it is not easy to do sculpture. "The work is beautiful, but the whole process is dirty and tiring. I feel like a girl who’s been holding on for so long, and it’s hard to shake." (end)相关的主题文章: