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The establishment of pain points need to be pan movement ecosystem sports APP product solution (Figure) – Sohu "financial data record" + "fitness guide" software developers in a clear division of exploration, "record" and "fitness guide" has become a fitness class App is the best starting point, and gradually occupy the mainstream market. Through statistical steps, tracking routes, monitoring calorie consumption and so on to meet the needs of the user fitness. This form of App is simple, but it has been sought after since its birth. Compared with the data logging App which focuses on the attributes of tools, the content of fitness guidance App enriches a lot. Professional knowledge of fitness, fitness program, detailed scenes with different fitness training courses, training and skills for different parts of the famous fitness coach teaching video and so on, are such App income bursa. The audience of such App is also very much. Application of pain point clear urgent after the 2015 reshuffle, fitness and sports function of APP in the exploration of enterprises and users to be subdivided, but in the contention of a hundred schools of thought behind, some of the software and hardware of their pain points and short board is gradually revealed. A lot of running App serious homogenization, GPS positioning and display motion path, time, calorie consumption the most basic services are still stay in the shallow layer, and the existence of flawed technology. In the sports circle in various forms, rely on a single mobile phone and APP is difficult to grasp the different types of users, the software and hardware appears obvious trend of the two fight the enemy separately, but not a good combination of each one has his good points. Fitness class App products incentive mechanism has yet to be perfect, how to improve the user’s sense of participation, sense of achievement, stick to the user is still a major problem faced by the developers. For this reason many big software are thinking about the future layout of the product: "children" and "Wyatt laps" APP began to focus on ecological building and social activities under the line promotion, but the mode of motion and its software monotone function on the highlights the lack of innovation, the product competitive advantage gradually reduced. "Keep" and "Mermaid line" harvest the users in the form of star effect. The momentum of the early stage is fierce, but the disadvantages of high investment and lack of stamina. Pan sports ecosystem is the future of APP mode, single function, software and hardware separation, product interaction is poor, these are now sports APP short board. Little exercise combined with these pain points, launched a pan sports entertainment ecosystem: the future layout mode of movement and its software algorithm extended to meet user movement needs, not limited to running, running the light movement, make the product to expand to the swimming, badminton, soccer, depth of the movement; and to "soft and hard set method" from the data acquisition through smart wearable devices, and rely on the little movement of software platform for maintenance data and information storage, analysis of user data. The combination of sports and fitness, so that the user can through a APP to exercise, convenient for the user to view the data; for different users to launch in the fitness scheme and incentives to increase the user a sense of participation, sense of achievement, enjoy more fun in the fitness and weight loss.   !

建立泛运动生态圈 运动类APP产品痛点急需解决(图)-搜狐财经  “数据记录”+“健身指导”软件分工明确  在开发者的不断探索中,“数据记录”、“健身指导”成为了运动健身类App的最佳切入点,并逐渐占领了主流市场。通过统计步数、跟踪路线、监控卡路里消耗等等来满足用户健身需求。此类App形式简单,但从诞生之日起便受到了追捧。与侧重工具属性的数据记录型App相比,健身指导型App的内容就丰富了许多。专业的健身知识、详细的健身计划、配合不同场景的健身训练课程、针对不同部位的锻炼技巧以及著名健身教练的教学视频等等,都被此类App收入了囊中。此类App的受众也是十分的多。  应用痛点明确 急需解决  经过2015年的洗牌,健身和运动类APP的功能在企业和用户的探索中不断的被细分,但在百家争鸣的背后,一些软件和硬件自身的痛点和短板也在逐渐的展露出来。  大量跑步App功能严重同质化,GPS定位、显示运动路线图、耗时、卡路里消耗等最基础的服务还都停留在浅层,且技术存在硬伤。在形式多样的运动圈,单一依靠手机和APP很难抓住不同类型的用户,的同时软件和硬件出现很明显的各自为战的趋势,两家各有所长却不能良好的结合。运动健身类App的产品激励机制还有待完善,如何提高用户的参与感、成就感,黏住用户仍然是开发者们面临的重大问题。  为此很多大牌软件都在思考着未来产品的布局:“咕咚”、“悦跑圈”等运动APP开始注重社交的生态的打造和线下活动的推广,但单调的运动模式和软件自身在功能上的缺乏亮点创新,使得产品竞争优势逐渐减少。“ Keep”、“人鱼线”以明星效应形式收获用户,前期势头凶猛,但高投入和缺乏后劲的弊端。  泛运动生态圈 是未来APP的模式  功能单一、软硬件脱离、产品交互性差,这些都是如今运动APP的短板。点点运动结合上述痛点,推出了泛运动娱乐生态圈的未来布局:通过软件自身的运动模式和算法拓展来适应用户运动需求,不局限于跑步、跑步这些浅度运动,让产品向游泳、羽毛球、足球等深度运动拓展;并以“软硬集合”的方法取长补短,通过智能穿戴设备进行数据采集,并依靠点点运动软件平台进行数据计算和信息存储维护,分析用户数据。将运动和健身结合,让用户可以通过一个APP来进行运动健身,方便用户查看数据;针对不同用户推出针对性的健身方案和激励措施,增加用户参与感、成就感,在减肥健身的同时享受更多乐趣。  运动前景广阔 竞争将愈发激烈  运动健身类App进入了蓬勃发展的阶段,但此时我国展现的苗头只是冰山一角。健身运动人群目前为3.64亿,未来十年有望增加到5亿左右。在这样的大背景下,运动健身行业发展势头肯定会越来越猛。春天来临,随着天气转暖,运动健身类App的使用频率也会逐步提升,2016年是运动APP关键的一年,如何抓住用户,提高用户黏度。点点运动、咕咚、keep、悦跑圈这些各有千秋的APP最终谁能占领巅峰,让我们拭目以待!相关的主题文章: