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"Sha Yi Hu He" political commissar push character poster role was "the verdict" – Sha Yi Hu He Lv Hang Sohu Sohu entertainment entertainment news in Liaoning, Henan TV hit 32 sets the legendary drama "after the broadcast" political commissar of a high performance is achieved at the same time, the good results section fourth raises the audience ratings, the heat conferences and praise. Today, the film side exposed again the film character version of the poster, including Sha Yi, Hu He, Li Yiyi, Lv Hang, Zhang Zijun, Ke, Barone crown all starring was the judgment, analysis of the characters of the character destiny. The poster Sha Yi played the old Qiu handsome handsome, left hand holding gun with consistency of color, and is equipped with "life only to serve the country, lingering around the ages" of the poem, in the background of the show’s color has an indelible and courageous, loyalty and integrity. As the old Qiu’s wife, Hu He regardless of the role of seedling interpretation and gentle smile, full of faith and love deeply of the old Qiu, "I Jichou heart to the moon, may the wind until the heart of Yongnian" ". In addition, Li Yiyi dress valiant and heroic in bearing is remarkable, a neat outfit highlights the long Mei clever and lively, and she of the political commissar of the unrequited love, also let her get to your heart my heart, will not judge lovesickness ". The broadcast drama is nearing completion, see the "high color value" starring in the play to the "uprising" in the end, the political commissar of the Liaoning, Henan TV is the hit drama "the legend".   相关的主题文章: