Shaanxi 3 year old boy fell into the field of deep well of the mine was rescued in 10 meters, no mat-queer as folk

Shaanxi rescued 3 year old boy fell 10 meters deep in the farmland is no big deal – Sohu news yesterday morning, Gan River Town Village in Huxian, a 3 year old boy accidentally fell into the 10 meters deep, fortunately, people found that the timely rescue, children no harm. Grandma and grandson disappeared in Huxian Gan Town Mafang 3 year old Tong Tong (a pseudonym), parents work outside, by her grandmother at home to take care of. At 10:30 or so, I took my grandson to work in the fields." Tongtong grandma Chen po said yesterday. "In the morning to go to the land, not very familiar with, do not know where there is no well." Chen Po said, "I saw several wells table wells, but also specifically told the children not to play there. Who can know their place of work is a weed, neither covers and not obvious wells." Yesterday morning at 10:30 pm, Chen Po suddenly heard boom bang, "I look back, behind the little grandson disappeared, fell into the well". The villagers tied the rope down to save the well diameter of about 70 cm, about 10 meters deep, at the wellhead can see well water. Fortunately, the water is not deep, probably flooded the child waist. The child crying loudly in the well." Chen Po said. As a result of the incident suddenly, Chen woman quickly ran to the village, while running shouting: save the baby, the baby fell into the well." Is to work in Wang Shaoming and other seven or eight villagers heard the shouts of Chen Po. "We heard a doll fell into the well, and quickly ran after the old lady." Wang Shaoming said, "do not know who to get two fillis, I at the waist line above two people holding me down." Wang Shaoming, 50, said it was the first time he had gone to the bottom of the well, but in order to save the child of the age of 3, he can not be too much to consider their own safety. Fortunately the child no harm. "They put me on the bottom rope, my feet were propped up on the wall, the child lifted from the water." Wang Shaoming said, well, there are a lot of corn stalks, some people may have been thrown in the well, the child fell down played a buffer role, the child nothing. "I got rid of the corn stalk from my child, holding the child in one hand and the other hand holding the rope." Wang Shaoming said, "after 5 minutes, the child is still crying up, we looked at the children, no bruises on the body, the bones are not hurt." Tongtong saved after the villagers with sticks in the office made a block. Yesterday, the China Daily reporter and Wang Shaoming together to see the rescued Tongtong, he is happily eating bread. "It scared me now heart sudden chug." Chen Po said, thanks to everyone to save the baby up. Few people spare well maintenance and management of the China Daily reporter learned yesterday, the village wells in the field, a 70s and 80s dig, are not well table covers, the wellhead is weed, and this incident is a kind of wells. There is a dug more than and 10 years ago, there is a cement table of half a meter high, more obvious, but some of these wells wells have been lost, if there are children, may also fall in. "Most of the irrigation in the village is now done with water piles相关的主题文章: