Shaanxi 68 thousand people to participate in adult college entrance examination this year, an increa vidown

68 thousand people in Shaanxi today and tomorrow to participate in adult college entrance examination increased 4318 compared with last year, the newspaper news (reporter Zhang Yangang) from the beginning of October 30th to today, our province adult college entrance examination this year held a total of 68336 applicants, an increase of 4318 over last year. According to statistics, admissions, 68336 candidates, including the exemption of health 202; the college enrollment 28578 people, an increase of 376 over last year; starting point high school undergraduate enrollment 1559 people, down 842 over last year; high starting point college enrollment 37997 people, an increase of 4938 over last year. Examination rules clear, candidates with the ticket and the second generation ID card, according to the time and place to take the exam. The authentication must take the initiative to accept the examiners according to the provisions of the necessary and examination of belongings etc.. In addition to the 2B pencil, black writing pen or pen, ruler, compass, triangle, no envelope necessary examinations and other rubber products, any other items not allowed into the examination room. The examination rules, such as not to comply with the examination rules, do not obey the examination personnel management, discipline, cheating, education examination institutions will be in accordance with the "national education examination violations approach" and the relevant provisions of the deal, and will be credited to the national education examination integrity file; suspected of violating the law, the local public security organ or assisted by the test center education examination institutions, in accordance with the criminal law amendment (nine) and the relevant regulations for processing.相关的主题文章: