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Shandong 2017 college enrollment work from the beginning of 8 – Beijing, Xinhua news agency, Ji’nan November 2nd news (reporter Lou Chen) issued the "notice" on 2017 in Shandong Province ordinary college enrollment work of Shandong provincial education entrance examination before the 2017 college entrance examination registration work from the beginning of November 8th. Reporters learned from the Shandong provincial college entrance examination, Shandong Province in 2017 college entrance examination and enrollment continue to implement the classification approach, which is divided into the spring college entrance examination and college entrance examination. Spring college entrance examination for the focus of secondary vocational school graduates, but also for the general high school graduates unified enrollment examination. Summer college entrance examination for the focus of ordinary high school graduates, but also for the secondary vocational school graduates unified enrollment examination, the implementation of a unified national examination time. Shandong province college entrance examination prompted candidates can choose according to their own circumstances to participate in the college entrance examination in the spring or summer college entrance examination, but also both. And the time to sign the registration system, complete the registration formalities according to the respective program. Shandong is a province of students, in 2016 a total of 709 thousand and 800 people enrolled in the college entrance examination.相关的主题文章: