Shanghai ban banks and intermediaries to cooperate in recent cases of frequent violations

Shanghai banned the bank and intermediary intermediary cooperation recently frequent incidents of each reporter Jia Yunke Wu Ruofan on the face of the property market continued unpopular, the recent rush of overweight regulation. Up to now, most of the property market hot cities, such as Suzhou, Nanjing, Hefei, Hangzhou, Xiamen and other restrictions have been introduced restriction policy. Among them, Nanjing is yesterday (September 26th) after the official launch of the purchase of a series of attacks, the same day released a thirteen new deal to further stabilize the property market. It is worth mentioning that the "daily economic news" reporter noted that in the country because of the city facilities strategy, a city of a policy "under the guidance and regulation of real estate around the emergence of new tactics — the investigation and punishment of violations of real estate intermediary is quietly enhanced. For example, recently confused in Shenzhen 6 square meters of price of Dove "cage" event, there are four real estate intermediary because of irregularities were severely punished. The city of Shanghai recently issued a document requiring commercial banks to terminate cooperation with illegal property intermediary. In this regard, some analysts pointed out that, as the real estate industry continues to heat up, the network is more and more regulation of the larger, from the past to control the steering of the macro level of specific industry institutions. Intermediary into the birthplace of illegal credit? The evening of September 26th, Shanghai Banking Bureau released the news that the day prior to the banking financial institutions within its jurisdiction under the "Shanghai Banking Bureau office on further regulating the jurisdiction of commercial banks and real estate intermediary business management notice", clearly defined, for real estate agencies such as for the purchase of the first payment or participation the tail section or financing, made or involved in the manufacture of false mortgage 5 violations, commercial banks should cooperate relationship terminate immediately, and will be included in the blacklist submitted to the Shanghai city association. In this regard, E-House Research Institute think tank Research Center Director Yan Yuejin said that Shanghai is the point of this policy is very strong, that is the current real estate intermediary illegal credit "birthplace", all kinds of policy is in fact behind the real estate intermediary to the list of the various restrictions and fetters, let the subsequent operation of commercial banks to follow the rules and guidelines. Excellent Amoy City President Xue Jianxiong told the "daily economic news" reporter, many buyers now buy not previously the purchase of residential mortgage loans and consumer loans through the form of the introduction of the policy has a great role in promoting the protection of the real estate market risk and financial risk. After the "down payment loan products by regulators called brake, some banks or financial platform for the Internet and the housing loan against product is popular, contributed to the household sector with two lever. And it is precisely because buyers continue to increase leverage, prices will rise too soon. However, insiders pointed out that the policy is not just for the agency, but also for commercial banking business norms. Due to illegal funds into the property market, in addition to the operation of the real estate intermediary, but also the need for commercial banks in the review and supervision of the cooperation". This policy in Shanghai, reflecting the banking sector is spreading large network, which has a positive effect on the healthy development of the market, but the specific operating pressure on the bank outlets will increase. Shanghai banking regulatory bureau, the relevant person in charge of news相关的主题文章: