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Fudan University Shanghai Confucian Academy professor Qiu Xigui sent a letter of apology to the Sohu Culture Channel [editor’s note] September 10, 2016, Fudan University ancient literature and Research Center Professor Qiu Xigui issued a statement on the official public number "the center of the ancient text micro journal", said the newly established Shanghai Confucian Academy put him on the list without his consent consultant. September 12th, the ancient text micro magazine issued a letter of apology Shanghai Confucian Academy, as well as the latest description of Qiu Xigui. Fudan University, Shanghai Institute of Confucianism apology letter Dear Mr. Qiu Xigui: hello. We saw your statement, the first time to review their work, and contact the unearthed literature center, to apologize to you. I am very sorry for the mistakes in our work. Shanghai Confucian Academy in preparation for the beginning, taking into account the ancient philology and new literature unearthed BambooSilk significance for the contemporary study of Confucianism, and in view of your Xuezhi deep and great contributions to the study of Confucianism, the preparatory group has hired you as the academic advisor of Shanghai Confucian Academy motion. The Confucian academy preparatory process is a serious error striking one snag after another, work, mistakenly think that teacher has got to move for your consent, the temerity to reveal to the public. We know that this is a huge faux pas, we sincerely apologize to you, hope to get your understanding. In the future, the Confucian school in Shanghai, the academic work, but also hope to get your strong support and help. Sincerely salute Fudan University Shanghai college in September 10, 2016 [] of Confucianism that today received a letter of apology to Fudan University Shanghai Confucian school, now still logout, and put me on the 10 day of the statement removed. I have some colleges outside the original teaching and research institutions in the name of a class, Ancient Chinese Literature Search Confucianism established research institutions is not to regard it as right. After 2005 to Fudan, see this trend has not been contaminated with his alma mater, but do not want to think, ultimately can not escape". So I’m not going to support this sort of thing. In order to avoid the outside thought I removed the 10 day of the statement, that I am willing to accept this so-called consultant a class name, pretending that. This letter of apology and explanation in half a month later removed from the internet. Qiu Xigui September 12, 2016相关的主题文章: