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She claimed to have the same experience with Fan Bingbing by his alma mater, with 5 yuan of money – driven entertainment Sohu   Xifeng had to admit his alma mater to drive Sohu entertainment news recently, has attracted the attention of Fan Bingbing due to the college propaganda film is less than ten minutes to leave. 27, Xifeng Luo Yufeng also talked about it at micro-blog, said had experienced the same thing. She said, when their school from a mile et al, was his alma mater, security department, teacher, teacher to drive, and the other a look of contempt, gave 5 dollars as the toll to leave. Even so, still had to give their thanks to his alma mater, part-time jobs.   Xifeng document is driven through the following readme Luo Yufeng is in fact Fan Bingbing’s experience I have encountered, catch the people is my alma mater: Chongqing Education College, I remember very clearly, I left the school for about a mile, safeguard people in order to let me leave, ask me is not the fare then, he also took five dollars to me. My teacher, teachers were invited to participate in the action to catch people, their faces full of contempt for me, it hurt me deeply, some people are superior, simply because they are born in a relatively wealthy family. Just now I read an article of rural students, I forgive my alma mater. I read in college two years spent a total of less than ten thousand yuan, if not because of the cheap normal colleges, I even get a diploma are not eligible. Undergraduate reading at least 50 thousand yuan, if you choose another way, my only choice is to go out to work in high school graduation. I am in school reading, the school has provided me with work study jobs, there are 150 yuan a month, plus subsidies for a total of 200 students, there are times I told the teacher conflicts, call my mom said I do not want to do, my mother is very anxious to say: so you earn more than 1 thousand dollars a year, when I raise a pig, then I did graduate. Think of these, although there have been unpleasant, but I still want to say: Thank you相关的主题文章: